Racers, plan well to avoid running into trouble

Jul 21, 2015, 07:33 IST | MiD DAY Correspondent

A 43-year-old man died while running in a long distance running event in the city on Sunday

A 43-year-old man died while running in a long distance running event in the city on Sunday. Stephen Menezes, collapsed while running for the Run India Run Total Sports 10K Challenge held at Borivli, and was rushed to Karuna Hospital, where doctors declared him dead on arrival. Menezes was a father of two daughters. He was also a runner, taking part in various different marathons, including those at Mumbai and Vasai, as well as many other running events.

A forensic expert said that the 43-year-old might have fallen to the other co-morbid ailments he was already suffering from. The cause of death was a sudden cardiac arrest. There could be many other reasons leading to this, such as existing ailments spiking due to exercise and sudden pressure on the organs.

This is not specific to the Menezes case, and one is not implying that Menezes had not trained for the race. Yet, as the running boom has hit Mumbai, it is important that long distance runners do a complete physical check-up prior to a race. Sometimes, that check-up may throw up a hidden condition. Do train well and put time into your training, so that the race is easier on your body and you are well prepared to cover the distance. Nutrition must be adequate and one must go into a race event well rested, without stress and with a plan on how to tackle the distance.

Amateurs must prepare their body for different distances and since this cardiovascular exercise places great demands on the heart and lungs, enough preparation is important. While enthusiasm and gusto is one thing, there are different aspects one must take into account. The stress of a big race day, the temptation to go faster than the runner next to you, getting swept away in the moment should all be factored into competing in a race. Long distance running is a great way to live life not just as exercise, but to go into every event with a healthy respect for the distance. Be prepared, as a little knowledge or practice is a dangerous thing.

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