Rafael van der Vaart's wife slams his affair with her best friend

Mar 21, 2014, 08:38 IST | A Correspondent

Rafael van der Vaart's estranged wife slams footballer for relationship with her ex-best friend Sabia Boulahrouz, who was married to his former Holland teammate Khalid Boulahrouz

Former Dutch playmaker Rafael van der Vaart's ex-wife and German model Sylvie Meis (35) has spoken of her misery at having to bear the fact that her ex-hubby is dating her own best friend.

Sylvie Meis. Pics/Getty Images
Sylvie Meis. Pics/Getty Images 

Van der Vaart (31) got into a relationship with Sylvie's best mate Sabia Boulahrouz nine months after ending his marriage with his model wife last year. Ironically, Sabia is the ex-wife of Rafael's former Dutch teammate Khalid Boulahrouz (32), with whom she has two children.

Khalid has already spoken of his disappointment at getting to know of the relationship through media reports a few months ago.

Sylvie's revealed her frustration in a recent interview with British magazine Closer. She said the couple's lack of concern towards Rafael's son, Damian (7), hurts her the most.

Rafael van der Vaart and Sabia Boulahrouz
Rafael van der Vaart and Sabia Boulahrouz 

"It's psychological terror. They were kissing right outside my window. Doing something like that is a sign of bad taste," said Sylvie, in reference to Rafael's frequent visits with Sabia to the family home to see their only son.

Copycat Sabia!
Sylvie furthered her criticism of the couple with a scathing attack on Sabia, who she said, aped her style. "She dresses like me, uses the same make-up as me and goes to the same restaurant at which I eat three times a week," said Sylvie, who is worried about the impact that divorce will have on her son.

Meanwhile, in the same interview, Sylvie's mother, Rita, labelled Sabia a 'demon' for destroying the mental peace of her daughter, who recently separated from French billionaire Guillaume Zarka after he was declared bankrupt.

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