Rahul Bhat protests cruelty to pigeons

Apr 03, 2012, 08:55 IST | Mauli Singh

Actor seeks help from the police against horrible treatment meted out to the birds in his apartment complex and seeks help from the police

Heena actor Rahul Bhat has lodged a police complaint against his housing society in Versova for inhuman treatment towards pigeons leading to their death.

Says the avid animal lover who will be seen in Anurag Kashyap’s next, “They (residents) have closed the shafts of the building with nylon nets.

The birds, which were inside, got trapped and died because they had no food to eat or water to drink. This is happening for the last one month. I started fighting this lone battle with my society residents but people are heartless.”

The actor adds, “Yesterday, I went to the cops and filed a complaint against the society and also called the fire brigade and animal welfare organisations.”

Rahul who has four pets, including two stray cats and a stray dog, adds, “The secretary (of the building) said that he would remove the nets in one day. They can put folding nets, making it possible for the birds to go out.

I am not against keeping the birds away and putting the nets up. But at least, make sure there is no bird trapped inside and dying. This is a very inhuman way of treating animals. Residents are even rude with animal welfare societies.”

And it’s not just birds, but Rahul even alleges that cruel treatment was being meted out also to a stray dog in the building.

The actor says, “There was a dog in the building compound and the secretary issued a order to all the watchmen to beat him up with sticks and throw him out. I have got that dog in my care and am trying to find a home for it. I am sending the dog to a farmhouse in Karjat.” 

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