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Updated: 27 December, 2015 19:45 IST | Rahul Da Cunha |

We are a 'gaana' obsessed nation. R & B, Ragas, Bhangra, rock and roll, reggae, remixes, RD Burman, Bappi Lahiri, Mohammed Rafi, Mika Singh, retro.

Rahul da CunhaWe are a 'gaana' obsessed nation. R & B, Ragas, Bhangra, rock and roll, reggae, remixes, RD Burman, Bappi Lahiri, Mohammed Rafi, Mika Singh, retro. Just in the last week some exciting new artistes have come to the fore. Here are the top 10 hits for you to download.

(In each case I've put a few lyrics, not the whole song, to avoid copyright infringement)

1. Have I Told You Jaitley (by AR Kej and the AAP)
To give you a sense of the lyrics — 'Have I told you Jaitley that I'll get you, Have I told you I'll keep coming, even if you sue Fill your coffers daily, I'm watching you Jaitley Skim the DDCA that's what you do So understandably the artiste Jaitley, better known as A. Jait, was upset and wrote a rejoinder song

2. Sue Sue Sue Sa Sa Sa, Sue Is What I'll To You
Inspite of this bitter rivalry, an anonymous source claimed that these two music icons, AR Kej and A Jait, are soon to start a supergroup along with Italian superstar, Sonia. The name of the band will be AAG.

3. He's a Psychopath (by AR Kej - as you can see da man is on a roll!)
The words — 'He's a Psychopath, psychopath, on the floor, And he can't get Parliament to pass a bill like before'

4. You Can Check It Anytime You Like (by a new band called The Invisible Driver)
The song has not been released yet, but a sneak preview of some lyrics — 'On a dark Bandra roadway, cool bacardi in my veins… My head was heavy And my sight grew dim I had to swerve to the right'

5. Sunny (anonymous)
Sunny… we used to be aleone, now we aren't, thank god! Sunny you're so true We'll troll you!

6. Mummy Cool (music by Boney M, lyrics by Rahul G)
Mummy, Mummy Cool, Talking 'bout mummy cool

7. Life in the wrong lane - (by J. Gadkar)
She was drunk as hell And drove like a maniac Life in the wrong lane… surely lock you up for life Life in the wrong lane Surely lose you're right to drive

8. Top of the World (by Miss Columbia)
I was on the top of the world I was looking down at creation Till they took away my crown And the only explanantion I can find Is that the host is dyslexic Or just plain anti-Hispanic

9. I'm Leaving On a Jet Plane (No I'm Not)
..Coz I'm leaving on a Jet Plane, (Chorus - no I'm not)… don't know when we'll take off again

10. You Are 16 Going on 17 (by a band called Juvi Justice Court)
You are 16 going on 17 Fellows you fall in line Vicious young lads Gruesome and mad You won't get away this time You are 16 going on 17 Your innocence is a myth Don't tell us that you are naïve
You make a move now Hurt any girl now The slammer is where you'll stay You are 16 going on 17 Buddy it's time to think better beware be canny and careful Monster you're on the brink

Rahul da Cunha is an adman, theatre director/playwright, photographer and traveller. Reach him at rahuldacunha62@gmail.com

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First Published: 27 December, 2015 09:15 IST

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