Rahul Mukerjea documented Indrani's threats to him and Sheena Bora

Feb 24, 2016, 10:19 IST | Sailee Dhayalkar

Rahul Mukerjea kept the document with some of his and Sheena Bora's friends, with instructions to give them to the police in the UK and India, in case of any untoward incident

Much before Sheena Bora was killed, her boyfriend Rahul Mukerjea, had documented some of the threats issued by Indrani along with their time and dates, anticipating the worst. Rahul had kept the document with some of his and Sheena’s friends with clear instructions, that in case of any untoward incident, the said evidence should reach the police in UK and India.

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Transcript of emails between Rahul and his father Peter Mukerjea are also part of the chargesheet. File pic
Transcript of emails between Rahul and his father Peter Mukerjea are also part of the chargesheet. File pic

In the chargesheet filed by the CBI before the metropolitan court, the investigators have taken one email on record, sent by Rahul to his father Peter Mukerjea on April 13, 2011, mentioning the same. The email sent by Rahul reads:

“On several occasions, we have received threats from Indrani, which we have taken seriously, and therefore I have protected myself and Sheena by documenting this situation, with dates, events, history, conversations and messages included. These have been given to several third parties for safekeeping. Should anything happen to either Sheena or me, the authorities both in India and the UK will be made aware.”

There are several such transcripts between Rahul-Peter and Rahul-Indrani, which are now part of the evidence in the supplementary chargesheet filed by the CBI on February 16.

Sheena harassed
The chargesheet filed by the CBI also mentions how Indrani once tried to remove Sheena from Reliance, where she was working in HR. Sheena has shared details of this with one of her close friends, through an email dated August 2009. The mail is now part of the evidence.

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Sheena in August 2009, revealed to her friend that Indrani was not happy with her relationship with Rahul. In order to pressurise Sheena, Indrani tried to influence her boss to fire her from her job and also delay her salary. “I have been thru deep s**t last week. My so-called mother called up my boss and gave him some bulls**t that I want to leave the job, thru her contacts. She stopped my salary. I was supposed to get my salary on the 31st of July, I finally got it on the 17th of this month. It was a complete mayhem. I tried, I tried, I tried and saved my job. Her plan basically backfired. Haahaa!! nw me ok……all settled. Looking for apartment now.”

In another email that was sent by Sheena to her childhood friend after two months, she described Indrani as a “witch/bitch”, “so-called mother”. The strained relationship between the mother and daughter can be seen in the email. The email says, “Last but not the least. I am not in touch with my mother. She can’t change. I have understood that till now. I don’t wish to make my life difficult by getting back in touch with her. She has never made any efforts to make things better between us. After all the Delhi incident and again trying to get me chucked out of my job. I have no good regards for her. I cannot forgive her.”

During investigations the cops have found that Indrani had often discriminated between Vidhie and Sheena, while giving them gifts (money). From the account details of Vidhie and Sheena (see box), the investigators have found that there was a huge difference in cash that was transferred into their accounts.

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