Railway stunt boys attack cops with belts

Sep 06, 2011, 07:10 IST | Vinay Dalvi

Two teens reprimanded by cops for attempting daredevil stunts on the train attacked the constables with leather belts causing grievous head injuries

Two teens reprimanded by cops for attempting daredevil stunts on the train attacked the constables with leather belts causing grievous head injuries

For train commuters, the sight of teenagers pulling off silly stunts on the moving local trains is a common sight.
However, since the last one week, both passengers as well as railway cops have been reporting and nabbing such juvenile daredevils.

The two boys were performing acrobatic stunts in the moving train. While one was swinging from the pole at the gate, the other was trying to climb on to the roof of the train

Not only do these 'stuntmen' put their own lives in danger but also pose a hazard for other fellow passengers.
And often they are brash and rude to the passengers who try to stop them from performing these crazy stunts. However, one such acrobatic duo went a step further than just being a rude bunch.
The two teens attacked a constable on duty with a leather belt giving the official a grievous gash on his head. When a fellow constable attempted to stop the attack, the duo turned on him and rained blows before trying to flee.

The incident took place onboard a CST-bound Thane local on Sunday. Mohsin Shaikh (19) and Shahrukh Khan (20) were travelling on the CST-bound local and jumping from the gate to the top of the train by using the window for leverage.

Constable Uday Salgaonkar saw the boys and pulled them up. He asked them to come inside the compartment and take a seat

"Two constables attached with the Borivli Government Railway police (GRP) Uday Salgaonkar and S Suryawanshi were travelling in the same compartment," said Shivaji Dhumal, senior inspector of police, Kurla GRP police station.

"When Salgaonkar found the two performing stunts standing on the footboard he reprimanded them and asked them to sit inside," said Dhumal.

The boys got into a heated argument with the constable and abused him. As the train left Vikhroli station, the duo attacked Salgaonkar with a belt.

Enraged, one of the boys took off his belt and attacked the constable, wounding him in the process. Graphics/Jishu Dev Malakar

"When Suryawanshi interfered they attacked him with the belt as well. The duo managed to flee at the Ghatkopar station. Salgaonkar suffered injuries to his head," said Dhumal.

The duo ran towards Pant Nagar in Ghatkopar and Suryawanshi followed suit. An injured Salgaonkar also began to run after them.

"I also ran behind Suryawanshi, and shouted for help. A few locals heard our screams and nabbed the fleeing boys," said Salgaonkar.

"By the time we reached the Kurla GRP police station my forehead was bleeding profusely," added Salgaonkar.
The police have arrested Shaikh and Khan, 20, both residents of Shivaji Nagar in Govandi.
"The two arrested boys are students of N G Acharya and D K Marathe College of Arts, Science and Commerce in Chembur.

They have been booked under section 353 (assault or criminal force to deter public servant from discharge of his duty), 332 (voluntarily causing hurt to deter public servant from his duty), and travelling without ticket," said Dhumal.

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