Railways earn Rs 5.5 crore from ticketless travellers

Oct 24, 2014, 06:04 IST | Anuj Ismail

The authorities intensified their drives against ticketless passengers between April to September and swung into action at stations between Pune Junction and Lonavala

If you think you can give railway officials the slip by travelling ticketless or without a valid ticket, think again. In a bid to crack down on such passengers, the authorities are circling major railway station across Pune Railway Division.

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In their drives held this year (till September), railway officials caught a total of 1,01,971 passengers who failed to produce tickets, earning them Rs 5,50,40,140 in fines, in the last six months.

The drives were carried out between April to September this year at stations between Pune Junction and Lonavala, which includes Shivajinagar, Pimpri and Chinchwad stations. During the same period last year, 81,957 ticketless travellers were caught and Rs 4,37,58,169 recovered from them by way of penalty.

In September alone this year, a total of 15,208 railway passengers were caught and a fine of Rs 80.41 lakh was collected. During the same month last year, a fine of Rs 44.48 lakh was collected from 10,471 passengers without a ticket.

Citing the reason of the increasing number of ticketless travellers, railway officials claim that they will be intensifying the drive in the upcoming months, to discourage ticketless travelling.

Yogendra Kumar Sharma, public relations officer, Pune Railway Division, said, “The drives were initiated to catch people travelling in long-distance and local trains without a ticket. Most of the time, passengers give us lame excuses that they were in a hurry or have misplaced their tickets. It is important that passengers abide by the rules and travel with a valid ticket.”

“We have been repeatedly spreading awareness about this issue by displaying posters, putting up street plays that passengers should enter the railway station only if they have valid tickets,” Singh added.

The consequences
Passenger caught without tickets will have to pay the full fare i.e. from the train’s boarding point till its final destination with an additional Rs 250 fine.

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