Railways ramp up barriers to keep a check on trespassers

Apr 26, 2014, 07:26 IST | Shashank Rao

In a bid to reduce number of injuries and casualties due to crossing tracks, authorities have begun introducing barriers at stations; will cover 11 stations in two phases

On April 18, railway authorities took the first crucial step to prevent death and injury due to crossing tracks. After much delay, they have finally begun work to prevent trespassing on railway tracks, after identifying 11 stations where barriers will be erected.

Authorities have included more FOBs, higher railings and barriers in the proposal to discourage people from crossing tracks
Authorities have included more FOBs, higher railings and barriers in the proposal to discourage people from crossing tracks

The Mumbai Rail Vikas Corporation (MRVC) has started the trespassing project at Borivli and Kanjurmarg stations on Friday. Gradually, work at Kurla, Kalyan, Vasai and Nalasopara will also start in the first phase. The second phase will cover Dadar, Kandivli, Bhayandar, Thane and Thakurli.

After a study was carried out in these stations, authorities have identified weak areas in and around the platforms. They have decided to incorporate solutions like Foot Over Bridges, railings between tracks, green patches at the end of platforms, building RCC walls, etc.

Officials have also decided to bring in ticket vending machines, water coolers, chemist shops, ATM centres and better signage at platforms, elevators and escalators.

Cost of entire project
Rs 130 cr

Why people cross the line
>> Saves time when platforms are overcrowded
>> FOBs are unable to cater to crowds during peak hours 
>> Lack of facilities for the physically challenged and senior citizens like escalators and ramps at the end of platforms
>> Last minute announcements of change in platform schedule of trains
>> Inadequate height of fences and rails allows people to jump over them easily

Barriers to reduce no of accidents
Introducing barriers is expected to reduce number of injuries and casualties by as much as 80 per cent in these 11 stations.

Subodh Jain, member, railway board We have started work on the trespassing project at Borivli and Kanjurmarg stations.

Solutions planned at stations

>> Side railings of FOBs are proposed to be two metres high for the safety of commuters
>> Introducing ventilators at the bottom of FOBs
>> Fins above the two-metre railing with aluminium composite panels to prevent rainwater from coming in

>> Designing the railing in a way that the height of rods is constant, which will act as a stiffener for the top and bottom circular pipe
>> The end of railing will be rounded and designed in a way that it will not be injurious 
>> The design will also facilitate easy fixing of advertisement panels. The advertisements displayed will help generate revenue to maintain the railing

Green patch
>> Proposal includes landscaping with different coloured plants, which can be easily observed by motormen
>> Plants proposed are all-season, non scanty, rapid growing, locally available and low cost that are easily maintained and suitable for the city’s weather
>> Plants will be heavily branched to create a barrier to prevent trespassing

RCC wall
>> RCC walls along eastern and western boundaries of stations will have photos of famous personalities and landmarks of the area
>> Plants will be added on compound walls to prevent people from climbing over

>> Present gutter between tracks will be covered by sawn tiles
>> Pumps will be provided on both ends to ensure constant movement of water

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