Rain-proof your four-legged pal

Jul 14, 2014, 10:03 IST | The Guide Team

The monsoon might not exactly be the best time for your pets at home or in the neighbourhood. the guide has compiled a handy checklist to help you be informed so they stay healthy and safe when it pours

The monsoon has provided pets and street animal’s relief from the heat but it also brings in various animal-related
diseases and infections due to fungus, bacteria, ticks and fleas. We invited Abodh Aras, CEO and Dr Karishma Gupte, Veterinary Physician from The Welfare of Stray Dogs (WSD) to list out a few precautions for your pet and for the friendly neighborhood street animals

>> Keep up to date with yearly vaccinations and de-worming schedules as per your veterinarian’s instructions.

>> Watch out: Rainy season can lead to immune-suppression of your pets. The signs include decreased appetite, dullness, nasal discharge, coughing, and fever. Urinary tract infections and conjunctivitis cases increase. Skin infections are also common. In such situations, consult your veterinarian ASAP. Along with the prescribed medications, provide nutritious diet to your pet. Ensure that they drink adequate water. Keep your pet in a warm and comfortable environment.

>> Ensure de-ticking and de-fleaing of your pet, as monsoon is a breeding season for these parasites.
You can also disinfect the entire house, if infestation is severe. Give the dog a bath with an anti-tick shampoo.

>> Clean water: The rainy season brings in a host of water borne diseases, infections and stomach disorders. Ensure availability of clean filtered/boiled water.

>> Wash and dry your dog's paws after it returns from the daily walk. Puddles may harbour bacteria such as Leptospira, which causes leptospirosis.

Street animals
>> Adult street animals generally adapt well to climatic changes during rainy season. However, the young ones are prone to many deadly diseases

>> Be kind: Street animals, especially pups and kittens are scared of rains and feel cold when the temperature drops. Hence, be kind to them when they seek shelter in your building. In case you find a sick puppy/kitten, call and get it examined and treated by an NGO/vet.

>> Call for help: We find the number of skin infections and maggot wounds go up drastically in the monsoon. Please keep telephone numbers of nearby NGOs, vets and fire brigade (for birds in unreachable places) handy so that they can be contacted ASAP in case of emergencies

>> Look out: Street dogs and cats might take shelter under or in your vehicle. Do check under your car before starting.

>> Keep clean: Kind hearted people who feed street animals should ensure that they give them nutritious food in separate bowls, and clean up the mess, if any. This will prevent rat infestation and in turn, prevent outbreak of disease. Clean water can also be provided.

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