Rain-proof your tresses

Jun 25, 2013, 01:36 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

The Guide gives you tips on how to maintain your hair this monsoon

The coming of the monsoon often signals the arrival of frizzy and dry hair. However, it’s not difficult to treat hair so that it retains its lustre even during the monsoon.

A basic principle that you should follow is to wash your hair whenever it gets wet in the rains. Rain water doesn’t just make your hair frizzy but also causes dandruff and damages the texture due to the toxic and polluting elements present in the atmosphere.

Moreover, avoid using a dryer and let your hair dry the natural way. An important aspect to consider is the type of hair you have and each type to be treated accordingly.

Dry hair
Regularly massage your dry textured hair with lukewarm oil. Try to use coconut, almond or olive oil. You can also use a mixture of these oils.

Hair with split ends
Stay away from harsh chemical products if you are suffering from a split-end problem. Bad quality water can also be responsible for split ends, so make sure you use clean water for a hair wash.

Oily hair
Cleansing your hair and scalp everyday is important. Comb your hair regularly and thoroughly. Use mild shampoo and conditioner for hair wash. Do not overuse the conditioner. If you want to use hair serum, opt for an oil-free one. As oily hair is more prone to dandruff, make sure you wash them at regular intervals and stop using hair gel.

Words of advice
Dermatologist Dr Sangeeta Amladi, Kaya Skin Clinic, offers some quick tips for hair care during the monsoon:
>> Good and effective cleansing using a volumising shampoo twice or thrice a week is highly recommended as hair tends to go limp during this season
>> Conditioning your hair becomes twice as important during this season. Don’t shun it if you have sticky hair. Instead opt for a light conditioner that is suited for limp, oily hair.
>> Keep the scalp dry to avoid scalp conditions like fungal and bacterial infections, which are more prevalent during the monsoon.
>> If you need to blow dry your hair, apply a leave-on conditioner prior to it, to prevent damaging your hair from the heat. Apply serum immediately after blow-drying your hair.
>> Go easy on styling during this season. Excessive use of hair gel and sprays will only cause further damage.
>> Take time off from your busy schedule and book yourself a hair spa therapy appointment.
>> Oiling once a week would help but make sure you wash your hair well as residue oil can attract dust and grime, which along with sweat, can cause dandruff and even scalp infections.
>> Milk and milk products, nuts and soya products are good for hair.  

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