Rainbow in the rain

Jul 02, 2013, 09:50 IST | Dhara Vora

Grey skies should be no reason to look drab. Wear bright colours smartly, with a little help from these tricks

Paint your nails bright with the same colour as that of your lips as this makes it look coordinated and adds a colour impact without overdoing it on the face.

Define your eyes with strong eyeliner adn bold colours, seen at Chanel S/S, Paris Fashion Week. Pic/Getty

For dusky Indian skin tones, try using more oranges and deep reds. Fair skinned can experiment with bright matte pinks and tones of berry and reds.

To ensure that your bright lip colour stays intact for long, start with a lip primer, which will help in longevity of the colour.

Line the lips with lip pencil and also fill the lips with same, which again, will add to the intensity of colour. Finally, use lipstick all over the lips.

To finish this look use foundation to even out the skin tone and a neutral blush. Groom the brows and if you like, make them slightly fuller.

If you like to use bright colours on cheeks keep the rest else neutral or monochromatic. This will add freshness to the make-up.

Use bright colour bold eye liners in graphic shapes; use an angular brush to achieve this. Take the classic liner and make it bigger and bolder. To keep it modern, focus on the eyes and keep the rest of your make-up more neutral. Use a nude lipstick and blush that complements the skin rather than anything in contrast or bold.

Tips courtesy: Sonic Sarwate, Senior Artist, MAC India.

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