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May 22, 2012, 07:24 IST | Dhara Vora

Throwing a party just got easier with Gaurish Rangnekar's Barmobile, an outdoor bartending service with a portable bar

With the markets crashing and inflation on a higher curve, many people ought to be hitting the bottle to take things easy. But the prices of alcohol in the city are the highest in the country and spending a night out too needs to be thought over keeping one’s monthly budget in mind.

The Barmobile offers bar tending accessories along with a bartender and an attendant

At such times, throwing a house party seems like the feasible option but being a host isn’t easy as one is caught between socialising and mixing the perfect cocktail. Also, not everyone is armed to the teeth with bar accessories that range from stirrers and mixers to ice buckets for more than a dozen guest.

Mixologist Gaurish Rangnekar’s innovative Barmobile might come as respite for this troubled lot: “To go out and drink is very expensive. Also, no one wants to drink and drive after a night out. Throwing a party at your home is an answer to these questions, and to help you out with that is an outdoor bar service, like a catering service,” says Rangnekar.

The 27-year-old mixologist came up with the idea of providing a bar on wheels or Barmobile while studying the trade at New York Bartending School. He chalked out the idea of having a bar in a suitcase and got a friend there to design the portable bar units. This tipple-machine in a suitcase occupies just about three to four feet when set up (which takes just 10 to 15 minutes) and hence can be jammed in a garden or even a tiny living room.

“One unit can cater to around 50 guests and if there are more, we have more units,” says Rangnekar. The portable bar comes with a bartender and an attendant, glassware, bar tool kits, coasters, stirrers, basic garnishing goods such as fruits or mint, five kg of ice and other accessories. All you need to do is provide them the alcohol, which they will guide you how much and what to buy.

They also serve according to any themes planned such as Caribbean Cruise or Shaken and Stirred. “We even get our bartender to dress according to the theme,” he shares.

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