Raj Thackeray slams Bhosale and Biharis

Sep 01, 2012, 02:39 IST | A correspondent

Launches a tirade against the legendary singer for 'promoting artistes from a nation that is trying to destroy ours'; said Biharis should stay put in their native state, calling them trespassers

Things suddenly went downhill for the warm relationship hitherto shared by the Thackerays and singing legend Asha Bhosale, when the latter came under fire from MNS chief Raj Thackeray, who subjected her to sharp criticism over her decision to share the spotlight with Pakistani artistes for a TV show. 

Asha Bhosale

In an apparent affront to the veteran, MNS chief Raj Thackeray asked her to clarify whether her decision was motivated by her belief in the spirit of ‘atithi devo bhava’ (Guest is God) or that of ‘paisa devo bhava’ (Money is God). Slamming Bhosale for her stand in favour of popular singers like Abida Parveen from Pakistan and Runa Laila from Bangladesh, Thackeray demanded mockingly why she didn’t extend the same hospitality to Ajmal Qasab, the Pakistani terrorist.

Raj Thackeray
Centre of attraction: Raj Thackeray slammed Asha Bhosale while addressing party workers at Ravindra Natyamandir for the singer’s stand in favour of popular singers like Abida Parveen from Pakistan and Runa Laila from Bangladesh. Pic/Pradeep Dhivar & Datta Kumbhar

Addressing his party’s office bearers, Thackeray said the party would no longer tolerate attempts made by channels to increase their TRPs. “Even though the shows are filmed in Dubai, their offices are in Mumbai, and we will not take any responsibility if anything happens,” he warned.

“There was no need to invite Pakistani artistes when our tempers are running high against the nation. We have great respect for Asha Bhosale who along with her sister Lata Mangeshkar has no parallels in the world of music. But, she is trying to support the artistes from Pakistan, while their country is trying to destroy our nation. The singer should have avoided participation in the programme hosted by the channels ,which are trying to support Pakistani artistes,” he said.

Meanwhile, Shiv Sena executive chief Uddhav Thackeray supported the move, saying that it had been his party’s stand for years to oppose Pakistani cricketers and artistes until relations between the two countries were improved.

Raj v/s Biharis
Reacting sharply over a letter sent by Bihar chief secretary Navin Kumar to the state’s chief secretary and Mumbai police chief over the arrest of one of the accused in the Amar Jawan memorial desecration case, Raj declared that natives of Bihar should be sent back to where they come from, calling them trespassers. Kumar had warned against action against the arrested accused without permission from the Bihar government. The Bihar government would not hesitate to lodge cases under kidnapping, he is reported to have said.

“It has been proved that the people who vandalised the memorial and created mayhem were from those states. Why are our leaders silent now, and why aren’t they or the news channels questioning the Bihar CM or chief secretary over the letter?” asked the MNS chief.

“My party or the state of Maharashtra is always asked to maintain harmony and keep peace intact. But criminals from such states commit crimes in Maharashtra and hide in their states. And when our policemen trace them they get such letters,” said Thackeray. “If every citizen is free to go anywhere across the nation, then why can’t the police, to nab criminals?” he asked. 

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