Raksha Bandhan: Five sibling duos share stories of their bond!

Updated: Aug 15, 2019, 13:44 IST | Saumya Gourisaria

A sibling bond may have a little bit of ego, attitude, anger but what comes out in most of them is a lot of love for each other!

Raksha Bandhan: Five sibling duos share stories of their bond!
Rishabh Gupta along with his sister on Rakshabandhan

Rakshabandhan is a festival which celebrates the special bond between two siblings. However, every sibling duo claims that they share a different bond from the rest. It may have a little bit of ego, attitude, anger but what comes out in most of them is a lot of love for each other! These sibling duos share memories of their childhood in a candid chat with mid-day online journalist Saumya Gourisaria as they celebrate Rakshabandhan 2019

Rishabh Gupta-Megha Gupta

Rishabh and Megha share a very love-hate relationship. They sometimes fight and then change their Netflix passwords so that the other has to come and break the ice! Megha recalls an incident when Rishabh was being sent to a boarding hostel to study. She was the happiest person when she heard the news but when he returned back home after 4 months, she realized how much she missed him during the holidays. Rishabh, on the other hand, was ready to do anything for his sister. "I remember it was Dhanteras and we were planning to have Lassi at one of the famous sweet shops. When we arrived, we found out that it was closed. I drove down almost 20 kms on that busy day just because she wanted to have Lassi and refused to go back home without it. Eventually, I had to get some curd and sugar and make one myself for her," says Rishabh.

Panna Iyer-Pravin Mehta

Rakshabandhan 2019

A brother-sister duo of a kind, who can fight all day long yet can't live without one another. Panna Iyer recalls of a childhood incident wherein they were having food together and her brother played a prank by distracting her so that he can take a chapati from her plate just to tease her. However, as they grew older, their bond turned into something which was so close that they can't go a day without meeting each other at the podium of their complex.

Mehar Bharadwaj-Mitul Bharadwaj

Rakshabandhan 2019

Mehar says, "For us, it was more like we would play pranks on other people together rather than on each other. I remember, a day before Diwali when some of our cousins were bursting crackers, we deflated tyres of nearly 8-10 bicycles that were parked on the other side of the road! As the owners came to take their bicycles, early the next morning, we couldn't stop laughing at the sight!" Mehar and Mitul also shared that as children they would often hide the shoes of the guests who would come over to visit so that they couldn't go back and would only return it if they would give the brother-sister some chocolates.

Deepika Sirsath-Dhruv Sirsath

Rakshabandhan 2019

Deepika and Dhruv share a very mature bond wherein they respected each other as individuals but they felt this bond very recently while they were travelling together on the eve of Raksha Bandhan. It was then that they realized how much they had grown together. Living in different cities may have affected the frequency of calls and meetings but when a tired Dhruv asked for a simple gesture, they realized that nothing changed between them.

Dhruv recalls an incident and says, "When we were kids we used fight like hell in front of our parents but when left alone we would somehow take very good care of each other."

Deepika adds, "I particularly remember the time when I was in high school and had a habit of forgetting my assignment notebook at home. I had to call for my mother to send the notebook. Instead, my brother would leave everything aside and ensure he delivered my assignment book to me, fearing I would not be able to complete my assignments. However, when I returned home, he would tell me that it was the last time he is helping me with the same."

Sunny Rodricks-Roma Rodricks

Rakshabandhan 2019

Sunny who happens to be older than his sister, always took her to be like a little child. However, he was in for a surprise when gradually found out how mature she actually is. Sunny was eleven when his sister came into his life. Sunny says, "Angel for me you might think, but she turned out to be more like a 'devil' in my life. Wonder why? For she was blessed and showered with all the love and care and in no time she was daddy's little girl."

"There are many reasons to hate her but in this hate, there is love that we share for each other. From carrying her in my embrace when she was a tiny little girl to this day when she poses like a queen and stands shoulder to shoulder with me. Just the other day, I caught her wearing my t-shirt and shorts. The best memory I have is that of holding her in my arms and putting her to sleep," said Sunny.

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