Rameez's body to be exhumed after Ramzan

Aug 04, 2012, 06:37 IST | Shiva Devnath

Parents return from Oman, claim they left suddenly as they had to recover from the shock of the deaths of their children

Cops believe that Rameez Chougle’s exhumed body could play a crucial role in unlocking the mystery surrounding the deaths of the Versova siblings. Since Rameez succumbed to the poison almost 24 hours before his sister, cops believe that there is a chance that the poisonous chemicals, which killed the siblings, will be present in greater amount in his body. A post mortem of the body will also help determine if the poison was consumed or inhaled.

Mystery deaths: Rehab and Rameez Chougle died within hours of each other at their residence in Versova. File pic

Parents of the deceased, Farzana and Gayasuddin, met the additional commissioner of police of (west region) last morning after they returned from their trip to Oman on Thursday evening.

The deaths are still being considered accidental on paper, as the cops don’t have enough evidence yet. After post mortem is conducted on Rameez’s body, cops plan to interrogate his parents.

According to cops, Farzana and Gayasuddin have assured the police that they will offer complete cooperation. About their impromptu trip to Oman, they claimed that they needed to get away for a while to rest their frayed nerves and recover from the shock of the sudden deaths.

“The parents had come to meet me. They said they had left the city to get some peace of mind,” said Vishwas Nangre-Patil, ACP (West region).

The decision to exhume Rameez’s body was taken after a team of doctors recommended that postmortem of the bodies is essential if the exact cause of the death is to be learnt. Police officers have however decided to wait for the religious month of Ramzan to pass before the exhumation is conducted.

Cops revealed that exhumation of the body is necessary to detect the presence of the lethal chemical in his lungs or stomach. Rehab’s stomach wash already having shown traces of Alumunium Phosphide, a post mortem on Rameez could determine if the siblings inhaled the chemical or consumed it.

Sources in the Versova police station said that Rameez died shortly after the apartment was pest controlled, while his sister Rehab died around 36 hours from the pest controlling. “Rameez’s body may contain more quantities of the chemical,” said a cop.

Experts have assured police officers that the body will not decompose much under present weather conditions, and the viscera should still remain intact.

Asked if their parents had raised objections to the exhumations, a police officer said, “Permission from the parents is not required in these cases,” said a police officer. 

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