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Jul 31, 2012, 11:07 IST | The Guide Team

Fashion Broadway at The Westin offered a platform for newbie designers to showcase their creativity

It was a night full of glitz and glamour as 25 young fashion designers from Fad International showcased their work at a fashion event at The Westin on July 28.

Titled Fashion Broadway, the event was organised by Fad International in association with Blue Billion Group to provide a platform for emerging designers to show their talent in the fashion world. The event included three sequences — the first sequence began with a model walking down the ramp in a relaxed jump suit paired with a beach bag and a sun hat. The theme was resort-wear.

A still from Fashion Broadway

A series of equally pretty yet snazzy shorts, skirts, jumpsuits and sun dresses followed in floral patterns and prints in all pastel shades that one can possibly imagine. From pinks, to lavenders, beige and oranges, with some electric blue and green surprises thrown in between, the sequence had it girly.

The next sequence was inspired by the earthiness of African-American art combined with Indian traditional architecture. Knee length dhotis, neat pleated skirts, netted saris in heavy embellishments, leather and metal studs ruled the ramp.

The final sequence was a refreshing mood enhancer. It started with a playful broadway performance and pretty much remained the same. Dramatic blacks, goldens and greys overflowed with oomph and attitude as the models wore a look of naughty playfulness on the ramp that set the audiences hooting for more.  

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