Ranbir Kapoor to direct soon?

Jul 07, 2012, 06:28 IST | Kunal M Shah

With Ranbir Kapoor helming a sequence in a promotional video, sources say the actor could very soon be directing his own film

After the automobile ad film that he helmed went to Cannes, Ranbir Kapoor may be taking his newfound role — that of a director — quite seriously. 

Buzz is that the actor has even directed some portions of a promotional video for a video sharing website for his upcoming film opposite Priyanka Chopra. In fact, sources close to him say that all this brings him closer to his big dream — to direct his own film.

A source present on the sets says, “The shoot happened at Mehboob Studios. A special video of around two minutes is being made for the promotion of the film. Anurag was busy with the postproduction and that’s why an agency director was calling the shots. Ranbir decided to do a particular scene his way, as he understands his character the best.

He didn’t want his character to be misrepresented. So while the rest of the video is directed by the agency director, this specific sequence has been helmed by Ranbir.” The source also adds that Ranbir has always spoken about directing his own film one day for the RK banner. He adds, “Perhaps, he will do it much sooner than we expect.” 

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