Ranbir strums up a storm

Sep 26, 2011, 08:27 IST | Divya Unny

Actor plays it cool as two rival music channels offer him big bucks to be their brand ambassador

Actor plays it cool as two rival music channels offer him big bucks to be their brand ambassador

Ranbir's latest rockstar avatar seems to be hitting all the right chords, at least for the actor.

After Sada Haq, a song from his upcoming Rockstar touted to become a youth anthem, now apparently, two leading music channels are fighting over the star.
Both want him to become the face of their respective channels, and are leaving no stone unturned to woo him.

Adds a source, "No Indian music channel has ever signed on an exclusive brand ambassador.

So this is a first-of-its-kind offer for any actor. Considering the kind of rugged, musical image Ranbir is sporting these days, there couldn't have been a better contender."

Of course, signing on one of the country's most popular youth icons comes with a price. But both channels have not let money deter them.

"Obviously a deal like this will work on a contract basis. Ranbir has definitely been offered more than 8-10 crores per annum.
He has been approached for many other endorsements as well, but this is a much bigger and lucrative offer," adds the source.

However, the Kapoor boy is in no mood to jump the gun.

The actor, who recently rejected an offer to host a reality show on television, is apparently contemplating seriously over whether he should lend his name to a music channel at all.

The source reveals, "He does have a very strong connect with the youth of the nation. To be part of a music channel that targets an audience anywhere between 15-30 years is only going to up his market value.

But, as of now, Ranbir is not too keen on restraining himself to one particular brand. He also has back-to-back films and other commitments, so he isn't sure if he will be able to dedicate as much time to a music channel."

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