Randeep's character in 'Jism 2' inspired by Dhoble

Jul 11, 2012, 08:53 IST | Kunal M Shah and Shakti Shetty

Randeep Hooda's role as cop in Pooja Bhatt's film apparently bears an uncanny resemblance to the party-busting cop

Pooja Bhatt’s upcoming erotica film seems to be consistently in the news, thanks to the adult content star Sunny Leone being part of the project. However, something else about the film’s star cast made us sit up and take notice. Apparently, the role of a brooding tough cop played by Randeep Hooda bears an uncanny resemblance to real-life cop Vasant Dhoble.

Our source tells us that in the film, the cop (the role had been envisioned quite a while back) will be seen busting several parties. The source from the unit says, “Randeep’s cop character busts many parties and looks increasingly similar to what ACP Vasant Dhoble is doing.” Dhoble has recently managed to grab headlines after he broke up several late night parties in the city. 

Pooja Bhatt says, “Bizarre but true. Randeep’s character Kabir is a rave-busting, idealistic cop. In the present scenario, I am told by most that he reminds them of Dhoble!”

Party pooper?
Several residents of Mumbai have taken to social networking sites to criticize Dhoble’s ‘antics’. Incidentally, a few weeks back when the Dhoble-bashing was at its peaks, the makers of Tusshar Kapoor’s upcoming sex comedy decided to include a new line that goes like, “Chal party jaldi khatam kar warna Dhoble aa jaega” in one of the sequences in the film.

Tusshar, however, maintains a diplomatic stand on the topic. He says, “Yes, the line was prompted by what’s become the topic of discussion today. We aren’t taking a stand on the moral policing issue. Dhoble is doing his job and I’m doing mine as an actor. I just think that if something needs to be changed, we should pass a law.”

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