Randeep Hooda has no time for love

Jul 16, 2013, 10:56 IST | Kunal M Shah

The actor on sacrificing love for bigger goals in life and playing Charles Sobhraj in his next film

The last year seems to have breathed fresh life into Randeep Hooda’s Bollywood career. While he admits that the last 12 months brought about a positive transformation in his attitude, it also cost him his relationship with actress Neetu Chandra. But for the moment, Randeep is happy immersing himself into his films.

Randeep Hooda

The previous year has seen an upswing in your career.
Yes, it has been a roller coaster ride and I am doing a significant amount of work. I am enjoying this process and I am thankful for the success that I am achieving. It is a boon to learn that people want to be associated. I feel there is a higher power conspiring for me and I hope I can try and maintain this success.

People often complained about your attitude. Is that a thing of the past?
I have also changed. I want to be part of good films, do my work politely, quietly go home and have a more professional attitude. The success in Bollywood depends a lot on people’s opinion about you.

You even broke off with your girlfriend Neetu Chandra.
Sometimes you have to make sacrifices for a bigger goal. It is not the end of the road for me and I may find solace again in my personal relationships. Right now my life consists of only my make-up, sets and characters.

Tell us about the biopic on Charles Sobhraj.
The world has just woken up to biopics but I have already done D, Rang Rasiya, Risk and now Bad. We have just started shooting for the film with director Pravaal Raman.

Are you ready to shake off your brooding man avatar?
I have been doing a lot of characters, who are undergoing emotional turmoil. So much so that they even started affecting me. Sajid Nadiadwala’s next film has come as a great boon. He came to me and said in jest, ‘your father has not been killed, nor has your sister been raped’. I play a normal man instead of a melancholic guy. Although I do enjoy these expressive roles and I know my strength does lie there. But now I want to relax.

So are you demanding a high price for doing these films?
(Laughs) I hope I am. After doing so many films for free or almost free as a good gesture, I hope that I get more.

Is it true that you still stay in a rental flat?
I have never given any importance to such things. My happiness has always been my horses but I have reached a point in my life where I need some sense of security. I am going to buy a house soon. 

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