"Random, weird sounds inspire my music"

Nov 08, 2013, 11:07 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

Grammy nominated DJ, Tommy Trash, is all set to get Pune in a tizzy. The GUIDE chatted up with the artiste who is a self-acclaimed fan of Bollywood

On the move for his three-city tour (Mumbai, Delhi, Pune), Australian DJ sensation Thomas Olsen aka Tommy Trash is making his India debut in Pune. The Electro-House DJ is a fan of Bollywood movies and wants to savour Butter Chicken. Excerpts:

Tommy Trash

What are your expectations from the India tour?
This is my first performance in India. But I have heard that Indian audiences are energetic and love music which is a good thing to hear. I am looking forward to performing here.

You have been nominated for the Grammy award; what is your process of composing?
It takes time to make good music. Sometimes, even a piece of music that is very close to you won’t be liked by people; don’t expect a great response from people around you all the time. When I make my music, I get clues even from the sounds of the airport or random noises; weird sounds inspire me. While composing a remix, you have some music to play with but with original sounds, you have to look for inspiration. You need to start from a blank canvas. Both remixes and original tracks are challenging to make.

What will you be playing for the Pune audience?
I have decided upon a few remixes, edits and bootlegs. I am considering a few originals too. I composed something on my way in the plane and the audience might listen to that as well. Though most of it depends on how the gig goes.

On November 10, 4 pm onwards
At Amanora Entertainment Arena, Hadapsar. cost `1,400 

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