'Rannvijay is underrated, while Anindita has powerful screen presence'

May 02, 2014, 08:12 IST | The Hitlist Team

Unlike most assistant directors who aim to don the director's hat, Richard De Varda and Siddharth Atha decided to take up production

They are childhood friends who started their film career by assisting Mohit Suri. Today, Richard De Varda and Siddharth Artha head a production house. Upbeat about their upcoming film, '3AM', that stars Rannvijay Singh and Anindita Nayar, the producers talk about their debut project and more...

Richard De Varda and Siddharth Atha
Richard De Varda and Siddharth Atha 

Since you started your career as assistant directors, didn’t you consider becoming a director?
Siddharth: I always wanted to direct films. But when we got this opportunity to produce our film, '3AM', with director Vishal Mahadkar, Essel Vision Pvt and Rajesh Thadani, Richard and I took the plunge. 
Richard: I always wanted to be an actor but never found my ground. So now here I am, producing films with my childhood friend.

What was it like to work with Mohit Suri?
Siddharth: He continues to guide us. He is a great human being and we are still in touch.
Richard: Mohit Suri is family. He taught me everything I know.

What kinds of films excite you?
Siddharth: I like films that are realistic and intelligent.
Richard: I prefer films that have pain and tragedy in them, more so if it’s a love story.

What made you produce '3AM' and what is it about?
Siddharth: Directed by Vishal Mahadkar, it’s a horror story and an emotional roller coaster.
Richard: This film will definitely change the way we look at horror genre in this country.

Why did you cast Rannvijay Singh and Anindita Nayar?
Siddharth: Rannvijay is a fabulous actor and a great human being. We felt that his acting talent hadn’t been explored in the right manner. Anindita is a pretty girl who shows a lot of promise.
Richard: Rannvijay is an underrated actor, while Anindita has a powerful screen presence.

As a producer, what do you enjoy the most and what is the most challenging part?
Siddharth: Everything about being a film producer excites me. Making '3AM' has been a great experience.
Richard: There are moments of nervousness, especially during the release of the film but that’s part and parcel of life for every filmmaker.

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