Rapist tuition teacher called family to check if 15-yr-old had complained

Oct 01, 2014, 15:01 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

According to the girl’s father, the tuition teacher called him several times, asking about his daughter, to make sure that she had not told them about the rape

After mid-day reported about the alleged rape case against a Juhu-based tuition teacher, (‘Police negligence helped rape accused flee country’, September 26) the family of the 15-year-old survivor decided to come forward to talk about the incident.

The girl’s parents claim that the accused, Abhijeet Matharu (50), had planned the rape and, after the incident, was calling her incessantly to keep tabs on whether she had disclosed the incident to her parents.

Unfortunately, just a few hours before the family registered the complaint, the accused had fled the country. Speaking to mid-day, the girl’s father, said, “The professor, Matharu, teaches Maths and Science. However, it was always his wife who would call all the students for the lecture.

On the day of the incident, July 21, he called my daughter on her mobile phone, telling her that the lecture had been scheduled earlier that day. She left around 2 pm, when he called her again, asking where she was. When she was about to reach his house in Juhu, he called her a third time.”

According to the family, once she reached his house, the girl noticed that no other student was present. The accused grabbed her and took her to the bathroom. He locked it from inside. He molested her and forced her to perform oral sex on him.

When the girl started crying, he let her leave, threatening to kill her parents if she spoke about the incident to anyone. Traumatised, the girl stopped going to the man’s house for tuitions and started attending extra classes in her school.

Matharu would call her continuously, and ultimately the girl threw her mobile phone away. Getting no response from her, the accused started calling the girl’s father during the last week of August.

“I was not aware of the incident. He would call me incessantly and ask me why my daughter was not answering her phone. He said he wanted to give her some important notes, while he was actually checking to see if she had told anything to us or not.”

A few days later, Matharu sent an email to the girl, asking how she was. The 15-year-old was with one of her friends at the time. She broke down after reading the mail and revealed the incident to her friend. Her friend encouraged her to tell her mother.

“This entire episode has been like a nightmare. My daughter has not been able to get over what happened. We are trying our best to make sure that she forgets it entirely, but it will always remain with her and she will have to face it her entire life,” said her father.

A day before Matharu decided to leave the country, he called the survivor’s father on September 6, saying he wanted to give the girl some notes, and asked her to come to his house. “My wife then told me about the incident and we decided to lodge a complaint the next day.”

However, the family registered the complaint at Malad police station at 4 pm on September 7, and later found out that the accused had left for Ireland at 1 am the same day.

“This is a difficult situation for us to handle. We are trying to help her forget everything. Her exams are going on right now. All I want is for the professor to get arrested as soon as possible,” said the father.

In their statement, Mumbai police said, “The case was lodged after the accused had left India. He left by Lufthansa flight 765 on September 7 at 1 am for further studies. The family lodged the complaint on September 7 at 4 pm at Malad police station and the case was transferred to Juhu police station the same day at 9.30 pm. The accused has been charged under sections of IPC and Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act.”

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