Rapper Drake pays surprise visit to terminally ill 15-year-old

Apr 16, 2014, 09:45 IST | Agencies

When Kennedy Brown was unable to finish the school year at Houston’s Carnegie Vanguard High School due to a brain tumour, her classmates stepped up to give her a speical surprise

A 15-year-old cancer patient got a huge surprise from Drake over the weekend. Kennedy Brown of Houston is battling stage-four brain cancer.

An Instagram post of the meeting

Six of Kennedy’s closest buddies threw her a surprise prom and spearheaded the social media campaign #DrakeForKen in hopes that the OVO rapper would respond.

“To see her go through this it just makes me really sad,” said Lyric Baldridge, who helped organise the prom in just two days. Last Monday, they held the ‘high school in a day’ experience for the teen. The students dressed up in prom attire and crowned her prom queen — before holding a graduation ceremony during which she received her diploma. “We realised we need to do this for her so that she can get this experience that we’re all going to get,” added another friend, Besty Goodfriend.

Kennedy was diagnosed two years ago and is currently in hospice care. , but there was much more in store for her.
But Kennedy’s classmates had one more plan up their sleeves. When their local TV station ran a story about the festivities, the students asked viewers to tweet to Drake, in the hopes of catching the rapper’s attention so he would send a message to Kennedy. In just a matter of hours, the hashtag #DrakeForKen went viral. Drake heard them.

Kennedy’s father, Tony Brown, received a call from Drizzy himself said he was going to make a special trip to visit Kennedy. Drake spent this past Saturday hanging out with Kennedy, her family and a few of her friends, and, from the looks of his Instagram, he had just as much fun as the family did.        

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