Rascals: Con job

Oct 06, 2011, 16:52 IST | Shubha Shetty Saha

No one has probably abused the term 'Kuch bhi chalta hai' as often as David Dhawan. Rascals is yet another example.


U; Comedy

Director: David Dhawan

Cast: Sanjay Dutt, Ajay Devgn, Kangana Ranaut, Lisa Haydon


Rating: *


No one has probably abused the term 'Kuch bhi chalta hai' as often as David Dhawan. Rascals is yet another example.

This supposed comic caper revolves around two con men �Chetan Chauhan (Sanjay Dutt) and Bhagat Bhosle (Ajay Devgn) �who go around stealing cars, suitcases and whatever else they can lay their hands on. The two soon collide and start conning each other. Then they fall in love with the same woman Khushi (Kangna Ranaut), who traipses around in a bikini with four armed security men around her. Who she is, or why she has bodyguards, of course, are details that obviously the director thinks unnecessary to provide considering the audience is already dumb enough to have come to watch his film.

Bad situational comedy is one thing, but combining it with unbelievably silly dialogues is something else. Dear writer Sanjay Chhel, if at all you ever had even a slight sense of humour (displayed in films like Khubsoorat), you have obviously used up your quota. All you are left with now is this sly method of somehow rhyming two sentences, hoping that they sound miraculously funny. No, they don't. It doesn't make us laugh; it actually makes us cringe at the new depths comedy in Bollywood has plummeted to.

But wait. The film on the whole is also insensitive towards "kids from Somalia" (when Kangna repeatedly says it, it sounds like something worse) or other needy people. One of the gems, "Jinhe chalte chalte thes lag jaye aapne unke liye race rakha hai �" is talking about the visually impaired, if you please!

Sanjay Dutt must have done so many of these kinds of roles that it would be really tough for him to do a bad job. His goofy charm is still intact, but the repetitiveness of it all does get a bit tiring. Ajay Devgn makes faces and generally tries making some sense of this senseless film. Kangna Ranaut's performance as an airhead ready to fall into any one's arms in the name of charity is laugh-worthy, both for her strange characterisation and even stranger accent. Lisa Haydon, who has chosen to debut in this film as a cheap call girl with a two bit role, definitely needs to rethink her career choices. If you have to watch this one, opt for an aisle seat. At some point or other you will want to escape for a breath of fresh air.

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