Raveena Tandon goes retro for 'Bombay Velvet'

Sep 26, 2013, 09:19 IST | Urmimala Banerjee

Raveena Tandon is currently in the news for bagging the role of a jazz singer in Anurag Kashyap's under production Ranbir Kapoor- Anushka Sharma starrer. "I agreed to do the film when I heard the songs

They were simply out of the world,” says the Mast Mast girl. In a short interview with CS, she opens up about her new project, masala films and how she finds the term ‘comeback’ funny.

Raveena Tandon

Retro touch
I was in touch with Anurag (Kashyap) for a long time regarding the film. In fact, I have worked with him earlier in Shool, he had written the story of the film. Since then, I have great regard for his sensibilities as a scriptwriter and filmmaker. I tease him as ‘genius’ all the time. However, I got a real kick about this film when I heard the songs. They are simply mind-blowing. In a sense this is my first period film. I love films of the retro era. However, though this film is set in a bygone era, it does not exactly have the black and white flavour. 

No lack of spice
I don’t think that the charm of masala films is fading away. In fact, we are seeing too many of them lately, ever since the success of Dabangg. Recently, when I saw the song ‘Agal Bagal Hai’ from a recent Shahid Kapoor-Ileana D’Cruz starrer, it reminded me so much of the songs I did with Chi Chi (Govinda). Masala films will always find an audience. The comeback myth It is funny to read headlines like ‘Raveena is making a comeback’. I never took a long break ever in my career. I was doing endorsements, judging reality shows, etc. In fact, I even did a film or two. However, every time I come in a film, the media calls it a comeback. It is surprising because I have been facing the camera often. 

Slow and steady
At times, I feel exhausted with the amount of work I am doing currently. Though I can take on two more films, I am consciously avoiding too much work. I want to devote sufficient time to my children, and don’t want to compromise on that. I am happy with with the number of films and the pace of work.

Staying fit
Exercising daily is a must for me. I workout daily in the gym for 45 minutes or one hour. As far as looking pretty is concerned, I feel that if you are happy and content, it reflects on your face. I try and avoid stress.

Exploring myself
After working in the industry for so many years, I am no longer in the competitive mode. I would be kidding myself if I felt that I was a part of the rat race. As an actor, I want to take on roles that I haven’t done before. I want to feel motivated about the kind of films or roles that I take on.

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