Raza Murad takes potshot at Narendra Modi over refusal to wear skull cap, faces flak

Aug 09, 2013, 18:32 IST | Agencies

Bollywood actor Raza Murad takes potshot at Modi over not wearing a skull cap, hails Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan for his spirit of secularism. But his jibe struck a bitter note with BJP leaders who slammed the actor for his comments.

Bollywood actor Raza Murad has courted controversy by taking a jibe at Gujarat Chief Minister and BJP’s poll panel chief Narendra Modi.

At an Id-ul-Fitr function in Bhopal along with Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan today sported a skull cap while greeting Muslims, a gesture that prompted Murad to quipped that it was time that Modi should not show his "aversion" to this headgear.

Murad said that Modi learn some things from his MP counterpart and not show his "aversion" to skull caps.

Raza Murad
Raza Murad has courted controversy by taking a dig at Narendra Modi. File Pic

While appreciating the BJP leader's gesture of putting on a skull cap, he took an indirect swipe at Modi. "I do not think much importance should be given to sporting a skull cap as wearing it does not mean anything much. It was time that Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi learns some things from Chouhan and does not show his aversion to skull caps," the actor said.

Modi had in September 2011 refused to put on a skull cap offered by Sayed Imam Shahi Saiyed during his sadbhavana fast in Ahmedabad. The Chief Minister had asked the cleric to offer a shawl instead. The Imam did so, and Modi was seen accepting it during his fast he undertook at a Gujarat University Convention hall.

State Congress unit president Kantilal Bhuria and former Union Minister Suresh Pachouri also covered their head with skull caps while sharing the dais with Chouhan at the Idgah in Bhopal.

C-grade actor shouldn't be making anti-Modi comments: Uma Bharti

His jibe got the other BJP leaders angry with Uma Bharti on Friday lashing out at he actor Raza Murad.

“I am really hurt that a C-grade actor standing beside the Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister poked fun at Narendra Modi. I am surprised as to how did this happen. It is the occasion of Eid so anybody can stand beside anybody,” Bharti told media in Nagpur.

Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi

“But I did not like that a C-grade actor poked fun at Narendra Modi standing next to our party’s chief minister. I would raise this issue at the party’s appropriate platform,” she added.

BJP spokesperson Meenakhi Lekhi, echoing similar sentiments, said it’s an irony that a reel life villain is discussing the real life hero.

“A reel life villain is discussing the real life hero, what could be a bigger irony than that. The name is Murad, I think he should not be talking ‘namuraad’ (damn) things,” she told media in New Delhi.

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