Reading goes online in Pune

Apr 24, 2014, 09:35 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

Online libraries are catching on as virtual reading rooms, attracting readers across the country. Recently, a Pune-based online library portal was added to the list. the guide finds out the buzz behind the trend

Hiten Turakhia, one of the founders of says “People like online libraries a lot as they get a variety of books on a single website.” Many others like are finding unprecedented popularity among Indian readers as daily lifestyles and convenience take priority against physical libraries. 

One factor behind the online libraries’ popularity is that everything is available at the click of a button and is accessible round the clock.

“We started this in 2009 and it has picked up a lot as it is an easy way to get books. One just has to sign up the form and pay nominal registration and monthly fees and start reading.”’s selection not only offers the latest bestsellers, but also has thousands of titles which are no longer
available at the local bookstore or online retailer.

Over the years, they have accrued a massive inventory of paperback books. So, when you find a new author you love, you not only have access to their latest release, you also have access to their previous releases. is another such website that is reportedly India’s largest online library in terms of geographical span of its services and user-base. Its library is available in more than 500 cities in India and they claim they keep adding more with every passing day.

Neeraj Singh, spokesperson, comments, “We get request from the all types of readers and thus, we stock all categories of books. In Pune, demand for fiction books is more. Within three working days the books are
delivered most of the times.”

Turakhia adds that most of the Pune readers go for Marathi novels and fiction books. In Mumbai, however, readers prefer business and self-help books.

In Bangalore, they discovered that children’s books are read more. “We have 28,000 customers as of now and 82 corporate clients,” says Turakhia. There is a persistent increase in the demand of the books from the readers.

The recently-launched online library service is, a city-based portal. Ashish Nikam, co-founder of the site says, “We have Marathi and English books as there is demand for the former. We also have a lot of female readers who order books online.”

The online library is available in Pune, Pimpri and Chinchwad with free home delivery and pickup of books. They have more than 5,000 Marathi books and stock English books belonging to genres such as biography, management, self-help, fiction, mystery, and thrillers.

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