Ready to shed tears of joy? Onion prices to fall by 20%

Feb 06, 2013, 06:59 IST | Varun Singh

APMC market officials say rates will drop around February 20, as fresh stocks will arrive

The zest in your meals is set to make a comeback, as onion prices are likely to go down by 20 per cent in a fortnight. APMC market, from where the city gets its supply of the vegetable, says that this is because stocks from Nashik and Pune will have arrived by then.

APMC market
Retailers, however, blame APMC (above) for high tariff; say prices will rise in the coming days. File pic

Ashok Walunj, director, onion and potato market, APMC, said, “Onion prices have been stable since reaching Rs 16-18 per kilogram sometime back. We have been purchasing from farmers at this price for the longest time. So if retailers have been selling onions at heftier prices then they must have their own reasons. By February 20, the prices would reduce by 20 per cent, because stocks from Nashik, and then and Pune, will be delivered. Supply will increase, and rates will come down. I am certain of this,” said Walunj.

However, when we spoke to local retailers they claimed APMC market had been selling them onions at higher prices and they had to pass on the burden to the customers. Salim Batatawala, who was selling onions for Rs 25-28 per kilogram at Crawford market, said, “APMC sells us the vegetable at a heavy price. How can we then charge a lower rate?” When told that onions at APMC market were being sold for Rs 18 per kilogram, he shot back, asking us to take him there so he could buy some himself.

Another retailer from Lalbaug made similar assertions, going on to claim that onion prices will in fact go up in the coming days. Defending his position, Walunj said, “Retailers decide the prices according to their whims and fancies. The same onion would be sold by a retailer in Dharavi for Rs 18 per kilo, but at Chembur the rate would be at Rs 25 per kilo, and Rs 40 per kilo at Colaba. Our prices are fixed.”

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