Real CBI officers question fake ones

Sep 03, 2013, 08:51 IST | Sandip Kolhatkar

The investigating agency has even asked for the identity card and other documents used during the bogus raid at Kayani's bungalow to find out how the culprits managed to fabricate them

Officials from the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) of Pune unit approached the Swargate police to interrogate the main accused in the fake CBI raid case. Swargate police had arrested seven people, including two constables from Mumbai and Pune police for allegedly raiding the bungalow of Kayani bakery’s co-owner and fleeing with Rs 21 lakh. The main accused, Pramod Rathod had even produced a fake identity card.

Identity crisis: The main accused, Pramod Rathod had produced a fake identity card during the raid at Kayani’s bungalow. File Pic

Rathod and his accomplice posed as CBI officers and cheated businessman Sohrab Kayani, co-owner of the popular Kayani Bakery.

The CBI has asked for the identity card and other documents used during the fake raid to be produced before the officials. Meanwhile, the Swargate police officials have managed to recover Rs 17 lakh from the suspects.

Police said that Rathod had spent lakhs of rupees for his girlfriends and had even purchased a car.

“Rathod had paid Rs 1 lakh to a liquor shop in Thane as he had purchased liquor from the shop on credit for the last few months,” said an officer from Swargate police station. Rathod was also a regular at Mumbai’s dance bars and spent money there.

An officer from the CBI, Pune unit who interrogated Rathod said that they went to the police station just to verify whether the person was really from CBI or an impostor, but soon it was clarified that he was indeed not part of the investigation bureau.

“We have demanded the identity card and the documents used by the impostors during the fake raid at Kayani’s bungalow just to find out how he forged the documents,” he said. 

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