Real life Piku?

May 12, 2016, 06:01 IST | Malavika Sangghvi

How a person behaves when they think no one's watching, is said to be the best way to judge a person's character. After all, we can all put on public faces of empathy, nobility, compassion and humanity

How a person behaves when they think no one's watching, is said to be the best way to judge a person's character. After all, we can all put on public faces of empathy, nobility, compassion and humanity.

We were reminded of this adage when we chanced upon this delightful anecdote about one of Bollywood's most successful heroines - Deepika Padukone. Apparently when she had been a model she had gone to pay her mobile phone bill.

Deepika Padukone
Deepika Padukone

“There had been many senior citizens in the queue behind her that day and she kept allowing them to go ahead of her and pay first,” said an eye witness.

What's more, we're told she did not let on even once who she was while doing so. “It was only when she met a family friend that we realized that she was Prakash Padukone's daughter.” Shades of Piku even then?

Fine jewellery by Riddhima
“We launched Brand R in Jan 2016 in partnership with Anuj Kapoor of Punjab Jewellers,” said the lovely Riddhima Kapoor Sahni, Rishi and Neetu Kapoor's lissome Delhi-based daughter. We had called up Sahni to enquire about a striking bracelet we'd spotted on sarod maestro Amaan Ali Khan's wrist recently which she had made. What had inspired her to create it we asked? “Amaan is a devotee of Sai Baba and he wanted a bracelet so we thought why not give him a gold Sai Baba on a black thread so he could wear it at all times,” said the new designer of fine jewellery.

Riddhima Kapoor Sahni and Amaan Ali Khan
Riddhima Kapoor Sahni and Amaan Ali Khan

And how's the business shaping out? “Currently we are retailing through Ravissant and Carma in New Delhi and through social media. We are also in the process of tying up with a few on line portals which will happen in the next few weeks for clients abroad” she said adding, “For a 4-month-old brand, we are overwhelmed with the response we have received.”

As for Amaan who'd proudly posted pictures of his newest acquisition, we asked if he'd wear it during his performances. “I just got it a two days ago,” said the musician. “And I will surely wear it during performances as its Sai Baba's bracelet.”

All in the family
By the looks of it, actor Rahul Khanna and Kavita Khanna, share more than the surname they inherited from Vinod Khanna. The actor and his step mom were recently seen at a book launch together and their happy familial vibe attracted notice from the other attendees.

Rahul Khanna and Kavita Khanna
Rahul Khanna and Kavita Khanna

“Their camaraderie may be because they're both great devotees of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar,” was one explanation. “After all the family that worships together-stays together.” Incidentally, Rahul and Kavita are not the only two in the Khanna clan who are spiritually inclined.

Vinod Khanna
Vinod Khanna

Back in the day, at the height of his stardom, Vinod Khanna had famously thrown it all away to retire at Osho's ashram in Pune and his former wife, Rahul's mother, Gitanjali Talyarkhan is known to be an ardent Christian scientist herself. Perhaps there is a spiritual gene after all.

Mother Courage
As reported, Tuesday was the birth anniversary of Jyoti Singh who would have been 28 if she'd survived the dastardly rape and violent attack four years ago in Delhi.

Bina Ramani with Jyoti Singh’s parents, and activists
Bina Ramani with Jyoti Singh's parents, and activists

And to mark the occasion, her brave parents along with a few lawyers, activists and supporters had organised a memorial in Delhi's Sunder Nagar. This picture, taken on the occasion, is a particularly poignant one as it shows Jyoti's graceful and courageous mother Asha Devi attempting to smile through her tears as she stands with Bina Ramani, and other activists.

What's even more poignant is the fact that the little tribute to Jyoti Singh went largely unreported in the media and unnoticed in a country which had only a few years ago expressed so much concern, solidarity and support for her.

Not to 'Sir' with love
The grapevine is abuzz with talk of this mercurial high profile techie, and what is being spoken of as his 'misconduct' with a female colleague. What transpired is that a random female, who the techie said he didn't know, messaged him on a social networking site and after the first few hellos, he had invited her over to his place for 'beer and more'.

This had not gone down well with the lady (obviously) and when she turned down the invitation, referring to him as 'sir' and 'uncle,' and proceeded to ask him for professional help, he had thrown a hissy fit and started referring to her as 'auntie' before declaring that he was not interested in engaging any further with her.

The story does not end there. The lady is said to have made the conversation public and the gentleman has gone one step further and published it in its entirety on his Timeline with the explanation 'It is what it is.'
Moral of the story: Don't talk to strangers on FB. And never ever refer to any one over the age of forty as 'Sir' !

Kids today!
Her dad is a renowned American musician, and her mom a leading Indian graphic designer, and so when recently, young Devi Giannetti, daughter of D Wood and Preeti Vyas Giannetti was featured in a e-zine in an article on mixed race kids, the first thing every one wanted to know was what the inheritor of this exquisite gene pool was doing with her talents. “Devi studied graphic design in India and worked in Amsterdam at one of their leading design studios,” said Vyas Gianetti when we asked.

Devi Giannetti
Devi Giannetti

“She is now in India and wanted to expand her talents in other areas. So she is currently learning Indian classical singing from Dhanashri Pandit of the Kirana gharana. She is also learning song writing and has enrolled at the Jeff Goldberg school of acting,” said the proud mom, adding, “And now she is part of the NCPA theatre repertory where she will bring all her skills and talents together. Phew.” Phew indeed.

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