Recent showers bring down veggie prices, but not for long

Jun 16, 2012, 07:59 IST | A Correspondent

APMC traders say, excess supply has brought down prices by 10% to 50%, rates to shoot up in July as heavy rains will affect production

An increased supply of fresh vegetables to the local markets has led to a fall in prices, thus providing some much-needed relief to the common man from inflation, which was pegged at 7.55 per cent yesterday. After the recent showers, the production of vegetables has picked up, resulting in a fall of prices by 10 per cent to 50 per cent. For example, ladyfinger, which was being priced at Rs 300 to Rs 400 per 10 kg at the APMC market, Vashi, during summer, has fallen drastically to Rs 80 to 120 per 10 kg. Prices of other vegetables too have dipped sharply.

Temporary relief: Though the recent showers have brought down vegetable prices by 10% to 50 %, traders say that prices will shoot up once again by July. File pic

Scarcity of water in the western part of the state during summer, where most of the vegetables are grown, had affected the production, resulting in less supply and high prices. Though the city was being supplied with vegetables from all over the country, high transportation costs sent the prices soaring.

“After the recent showers, in the last few days, the supply of vegetables has increased significantly and has led to a substantial decrease in prices at the APMC market. Vegetables are being sold at 10 per cent to 50 per cent less as compared to April. Due to this, vegetables must have become cheaper in retail markets as well,” said deputy secretary (Vegetable Section) Avinash Patil of APMC market.

Vegetable prices are expected to spiral in July, as heavy rains will once again affect the production. “The supply of vegetables is anticipated to decrease in July as the production will decrease due to heavy rains. With the supply at the APMC market decreasing, vegetable prices will go up again,” Patil said.  

Approximate number of vegetable trucks visiting the APMC market daily for the last few days

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