Recipe: Chef Eduardo Perez's Cordero Con Mole

Feb 23, 2014, 10:46 IST | Kareena Gianani

Mexican chef Eduardo Perez ambles through his childhood memories and tells us why the Cordero Con Mole is a quintessentially Mexican dish. He plays with lamb, pineapple, chilli and chocolate for some surprising flavours

Mexican chef Eduardo Pérez’s childhood memories are a curious bunch. They contain slivers of lamb, the bite of a pineapple, the silk of chocolate and the punch of chillies – all in one bite, if you didn’t figure that bit out, yet.

Eduardo Pérez
Mexican chef Eduardo Pérez has childhood memories of the dish, Cordero Con Mole (right).

“My grandmother often cooked the traditional Mexican dish Cordero Con Mole (Lamb in mole sauce) at home,” says Chef Pérez. “Her original recipe had chicken. I went ahead and experimented with the sauce in the recipe, with other meats and finally, have a combination of lamb, pineapple, chocolate and chilli,” he says.

When you try the Cordero Con Mole at home, you could substitute the chillies in the recipe with locally-available chilli paste. However, if you do Chef Pérez suggests that you remove the seeds with gloves on and take care not to burn dry chillies.

Cordero Con Mole (Lamb in mole sauce)

Cordero Con Mole

Ingredients for Mole sauce
*100 g Ancho chilli
*50 g Guajillo chilli
*25 g Chipotle chilli
*50 g almonds
*50 g prunes
*1 inch cinnamon
*1 clove
*2 star anise
*50 g peanuts
*25 g sesame seeds
*50 g tamarind paste
*50 g sugar
*1 banana
*50 g dark chocolate
*5 g coriander seeds
*5 g black pepper
*5 g garlic
*200 g tomatoes
*50 g onions
*16-chop lamb rack
*200 g steamed rice
*1 pineapple
*2 capsicum
*2 red pepper
*4 green chilli
*1 onion
*Salt to taste
*Mustard-layered bun

Method of Preparation
*For the mole sauce, dry roast all the dry ingredients and blend with the rest
*Marinate the lamb with salt and pepper and grill for 3 minutes each side
*Cook the mole sauce with lamb stock and bring to the right consistency
*Cover the lamb with mole sauce and cook in the oven for 4 minutes
*Grill the pineapple and saute the onions, capsicum and red pepper, salt and pepper to taste
*To plate up, fill the steamed rice in a bowl and press a little, demould it in a plate, put the sautéed chillies and peppers on it
*Top that with freshly sliced onion rings and tomatoes. Cap it with the mustard-layered bun
*Arrange the lamb rack in standing position, opposite each other on a banana leaf. Pour some more mole sauce on the lamb and serve

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