Recipe: Chef Subhash Shirke's Double Cheddar Beef burger

Feb 16, 2014, 10:14 IST | Kareena n gianani

Chef Subhash Shirke from The Woodside Inn tells us why his Double Cheddar Beef burger is a delicious, quintessentially American treat that goes well with beer

Every year, Woodside Inn hosts the Beer and Burger festival at both its outlets at Colaba and Andheri. “We create different kinds of burgers to go with the flavour of the beers, which are brewed across the world. I created the Double Cheddar Beef Burger, my favourite, in a way that it contains the best flavours of the US,” says Chef Subhash Shirke.

Double Cheddar Beef burger, Woodside Inn

The combination of Cheddar cheese and beef, he adds, is what makes the burger truly American. Chef Shirke says he likes to pay as much attention to the planning and presentation of the burger as much as the ingredients — which are rather easy to source, we notice. “I keep a keen eye on the guests in Mumbai to alter my ingredients accordingly. It is an ongoing process,” says Chef Shirke.

The cooking process can be altered depending on whether you want your dish to be pan-seared or grilled, but Chef Shirke recommends you grill the burger because the smoky flavour tastes wonderful.

Double Cheddar Beef Burger   

* 1 freshly baked sesame bun
* 15 g lettuce
* 20 g butter
* 35 g tomatoes
* 70 g onions
* 70 g English cheddar
* 20 g homemade mayonnaise
* 20 g homemade sweet mustard

For the patty

* 180 g ground beef
* 5 g salt
* 10 g black pepper
* 1 egg (to bind)
* Fresh bread crumbs   (to bind)
* 10 g fresh thyme
* 25 ml olive oil

Method of Preparation
*Season the ground beef with rock salt, black crushed pepper and fresh thyme in a mixing bowl.
*Add a little bit of olive oil, eggs and fresh bread crumbs to bind        
*Flatten the beef into 200 gm disc-like patties
*Flame grill the patty to the desired level of doneness (we suggest medium)
*Meanwhile, lightly toast the sesame buns with butter to get the right crunch. Add homemade mayonnaise to one end and sweet red mustard on the other    
*Add lettuce leaf on the bottom bun, top that with the patty and melt a generous amount of English cheddar.
*Top that with freshly sliced onion rings and tomatoes. Cap it with the mustard-layered bun
*Enjoy a juicy Double Cheddar Beef Burger (preferably with a chilled beer!)

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