Recipe: Lamb Rack by Chef Peter Wyss

May 25, 2014, 09:30 IST | Phorum Dalal

Chef Peter Wyss, a chef at Gustaad's Palace in Bern, cooks the Lamb Rack in white wine to enhance the flavour

Wine, they say, is bottled poetry. It can also be translated into food,” says Peter Wyss, who has been the chef at five of the restaurants in Gustaad’s Palace in Bern, Switzerland, for the past 35 years.

Lamb Rack
Lamb Rack

Since the restaurant is closed for six months a year, he is on a tour to India to promote cooking with wine for a Four Seasons Wine event.

Chef Peter Wyss, a chef at Gustaad’s Palace in Bern
Chef Peter Wyss, a chef at Gustaad’s Palace in Bern

Speaking about Swiss food, Chef Wyss mentions fresh regional products play a major role on his everyday changing menu. “My seasonal kitchen is light without getting molecular, the portions are well balanced.

The Swiss love potato and cheese. The cuisine has three major influences from the French, German and Italian.” Below he shares the recipe of a lamb rack.

Lamb Rack (serves four people)

>> 4 lamb racks (80 gm each)
>> 500 gm lamb escalope
>> 60 gm vegetable brunoise ; carrots, leek, celeriac, onion and a bit of garlic
>> 100 gm white wine
>> 10 gm pureed fresh tomatoes
>> 2 gm grated lemon zest
>> 50 gm chicken stock
>> 200 gm lamb stock
>> 30 gm butter 
>> 4 chip of black salsify
>> 480 gm carrot puree 
>> 480 gm potatoes puree 
>> 240 gm mushrooms 
>> 80 gm spinach leaves

>> Roast the lamb racks for two hours until soft 
>> Add brunoise, chopped tomatoes, wine and stock 
>> Reduce and finish sauce with butter and grated lemon zest 
>> Saute the lamb at 52°C and cut in half
>> Serve with 120 gm carrot puree, 120 gm potatoes puree, 60 gm mushrooms and 20 gm spinach leaves

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