Recipe: Mille Feuille of Vegetables

Jun 01, 2014, 08:59 IST | Dhiman Chattopadhyay

Executive chef Subroto Goswami at The Lalit shares the recipe of Mille Feuille of Vegetables 

Subroto Goswami hates being conventional. Over the past 25 years, he has not only satisfied many a hungry soul at several of India’s five star hotels, but also specialised in experimental dishes.

Subroto Goswami

The executive chef at The Lalit Mumbai, Chef Goswami delighted us with some innovative dishes recently. Here, he discusses the recipe of the Mille Feuille, which literally means “one thousand leaves”.

This continental vegetarian dish is a combination of seasonal vegetables, layered on a base of broken wheat. He assures us that the ingredients can all be procured locally and it is easy to make this dish.

Mille Feuille of Vegetables

>> 100 gm filo sheet
>> 50 gm carrot
>> 50 gm zuccini
>> 50 gm asparagus
>> 50 gm broken wheat
>> 20 ml olive oil
>> 10 gm beetroot
>> 50 ml cream
>> 20 gm cheese parmesan
>> 100 gm butter
>> 10 gm onion
>> 130 ml white wine
>> Salt and pepper as per taste
>> 10 ml white vinegar
>> Small bunch of fresh herbs

Mille Feuille of Vegetables

>> Lay the filo sheets and brush melted butter at room temperature
>> Cut into one-inch wide strips
>> Cut all the vegetables into small dices, blanch them and chill in ice water
>> Heat some olive oil in a pan and saute chopped onions. Add the white wine and burn it out
>> Add the blanched vegetables and lightly toss for two to three minutes. Add cream and cheese and finish
>> Boil the broken wheat seperately till cooked. Season it
>> Boil the beetroots separately. While boiling, add some vinegar and salt
>> Take a dinner plate, put the broken wheat on the plate and sprinkle some boiled beetroots cut into very small dices on top of the oatmeal
>> Put a layer of filo and top it with the vegetable mix. Put the next filo on top of the vegetables and make a three tier layer of vegetables and filo
>> Serve hot garnished with fresh herbs

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