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Mar 06, 2013, 00:12 IST | Deepali Dhingra

When it comes to food, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor's funda is quite simple. "Keep it simple, yet keep it smart," he says.

With his latest book on chocolate recipes out in the market, CS caught up with him to discuss his fascination with chocolate. During the shoot, he bit into the chocolate cake he’d been holding, with just a hint of guilt. “I know that piece was 60 gms, that’s my problem,” he laughs. Over to Sanjeev:

Sanjeev Kapoor
Who: Chef Sanjeev Kapoor
What: On his food fundas
PIC/ Santosh Nagwekar

Chocolate is something that everyone looks upto, right from childhood. It is the one thing that grows with you and cuts across all age groups. It’s not as if our love for chocolate goes down as we grow up, but we become a little more careful. When I was working as a chef in New Zealand, all the chefs used to live in one big house. At that time, I can say that we were chocoholics! There were chocolate slabs available there that were almost half a kilo. We used to have competitions, not about who can finish them, but who can finish them faster! (laughs) And now we laugh about how we break one piece of chocolate from the bar and have it.

Pushing your boundaries
There’s a lot of thinking, intelligence and a lot of effort that is required, if you want to be successful. You have to understand what you’re doing, who is it for, respect them and then put your sincere effort into it. You cannot take your users for granted, no matter where you are. If you think Amitabh Bachchan will not deliver his best because he’s been so successful, he would not be where he is today. So everytime he does anything, he has to make that effort. We too push ourselves to do our best. Even if you are the best, you have to think where do I go from here. Until and unless you’re thinking ahead, you cannot do business. Specially in the creative field, you have to think ahead. Until and unless you’re constantly doing that, it won’t work. I think during my sleep too. But it’s no pressure, I thoroughly enjoy my work.

Foodie memories
I generally cook on weekends. It’s mostly lunch and by morning, there is usually some demand from my daughters for something special. As for me, I eat everything. But it’s always special when your wife or your mother or your daughter cooks for you. My daughter has recently started enjoying cooking. Whatever she cooks, no matter how it is, I will enjoy it. Food ultimately, is not always about taste. It’s always about association and that association is with memories. That’s why ‘ma ke haath ka khana’ has those special memories. You enjoy the nostalgia. 

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