Recreational workouts for monsoon

Published: Aug 13, 2019, 14:30 IST | mid-day online correspondent

The Go Green revolution with YO workouts high-intensity makes exercising a celebration and not a chore while on the path to self-discovery

Recreational workouts for monsoon
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New wellness go green revolution has arrived with recreational 'Yo' workouts! Workout enthusiast normally wants to step out in the gardens, parks, beaches, promenades or want to work out in the society walkways even during monsoons. However, few wish to workout at home. 

Dr. Mickey Mehta - Global leading holistic health guru/corporate life coach suggests a combination
of functional training which Dr Mehta has titled as 'Yo' workouts. The Go Green way of workouts -
The 'Yo' workouts either conducted at home or outdoors can be a pleasure and fun. The Go Green revolution with YO workouts high-intensity makes exercising a celebration and not a chore while on the path to self-discovery. YO workouts are yoga in poetry done barefoot to connect with mother earth for various benefits. The reflexology points on our feet connect with the body's energy meridians. By working out barefoot we strengthen and restore the natural flow of energy within our body. Also, when working out without shoes our sense of balance and coordination is greatly improved and more importantly, we reduce the possibility of injury through overworking our feet, which we don't realise when wearing shoes.

Recreational YO workouts include variations of yoga postures and rhythmic breathing techniques to align the physical body with the spiritual, making it a holistic exercise experience that ignites the
creative potential within each one of us. Go Green YO workouts HI is revolutionary programs that
nudge fitness enthusiasts and wellness seekers towards optimum wellbeing. "Be lean, don't be mean, Plug out from the machine, Plug into your heart and Go Green."

YO workouts emphasise the need to work out daily as the exercises are not especially taxing to the
body and help cellular regeneration, revitalization and rejuvenation of the entire being. HI stands for human intelligence where the human mind trains the human body to start a wellness revolution for human evolution.

The main aim of every life should be to realize its fullest potential. YO workouts bring us to the point
of heightened consciousness, which makes us the co-creator of our own destiny. I would like to quote the Upanishads, "You are what your deepest desires are. As will be your desires, so will be your will. As will be your will, so will be your intentions. As will be your intentions, so will be your deeds.  As will be your deeds, so will be your destiny." Let consciousness prevail over instincts, liberate your mind and spirit.

To get started and enjoy the recreational 'Yo' workouts one has to look for a surrounding which is apt for the workouts. One could find a prop like a garden bench if outdoors or the sofa at home put both your hands on the edge of the prop stretch out with your feet get into a snake-like position pushing down the sofa look up with your chin eyes up take a deep breath and as you breathe out to pull yourself back and get into a squat position trying to vertically crunch your stomach with chin locked in on your chest as you breath out. Once again breath in go up lookup become a snake bhujang asana breath out crouch crunch your stomach and three-quarter squat repeat this around 10 to 15 times. This could become a nice warm-up to begin with.

Thereafter once again with hands on the prop in push-up position legs behind, right leg in the front press like in an on your marks get set to go position then left leg in the front press down on the floor as in on your marks get set to go position. Do this fifteen to twenty times then up, then put your hands behind on your lower back circle your back clockwise anticlockwise around eight to ten times.

Then with your knees soft twist your right twist your left around ten-fifteen times then side bends to
your right side bends to your left around ten-fifteen times then you can use your sofa to climb up one leg at a time as if you are climbing up the steps so up then down then with your opposite leg breath out and up breath in and down you can do a combination of hands up while going up and hands down while coming down around fifteen to twenty times lie down on floor stretch out completely breath in as you breath out up and double hug your knees tight as you breathe out and crunch your stomach again breath in and go back breath out and come up, do that fifteen to twenty times.

Then turn around put your hands on your lower back and your upper and lower body as you breath in both legs up and head up with the shoulder and chest do this ten times slowly, Then get into a plank position and do a half push up position and hold that position and then straighten up, repeat it around five times, Then bounce with both the legs in the front and bounce back when you bounce with both the legs in the front breathe out and bounce back breath in, Then stand up and start spot walking spot marching with elbows with elbows swinging knees coming up right to the chest around three four minutes, Once again twist around ten to twelve times right to left to right then waist bends left to right to left then forward backward bending and slowly finish your workout, Then lie down into a Shavasana just let go let go let go  physical tensions emotional tensions psychological tensions as you breathe out let go everything as you breathe in, Always start your workout after mental orientation of sitting down quietly and settling your breath, settling your heart beats and rhythm. 

Start with only 5 mins of workout in your hectic schedule and keep adding 5 minutes to the total workout time as you build stamina and interest. By the end of a month try to aim at working out for 60 minutes and sustain the same.

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