Red Hot tribute! Some fun facts about Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Feb 09, 2017, 05:55 IST | The Guide Team

If you didn’t know that all Red Hot Chilli Peppers members went to the same school, here are a few fun facts about the band on the eve of a tribute gig

Goan band Electric Pulse

Tribute gigs aren't new but when a band decides to decode the music of Red Hot Chilli Peppers (RHCP), they are likely to turn heads. Goa's Electric Pulse will take the plunge tonight. The American Funk Rock group, RHCP, came into existence in 1983 and they released their 11th studio album (The Getaway) last year. We've pulled out some cool trivia about the 34-year-old band:

>> The members -- Anthony Kiedis (vocals), Hillel Slovak (guitar), Flea (bass) and Jack Irons (drums) -- were classmates.

>> The band couldn't draw crowds in their first performance at the Rhythm Lounge Club in 1984. There were barely 30 people in the audience. But that didn't deter them. They were recalled to play the following week.

>> Before the last album released, Kiedis, Flea, Chad Smith (drums) and Josh Klinghoffer (guitar) appeared in a Carpool Karaoke. Apart from crooning to their greatest hits, they wrestled and even stripped down to their skivvies.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers at a performance in New York
Red Hot Chilli Peppers at a performance in New York

Electric Pulse's diary

We know their songs so well, the only homework we had to do was to watch their live concerts. Apart from Californication and Around The World, we will also play Aeroplane. The set list limited to their best songs.

Anirban Halder, Vocals and Guitar (Electric Pulse)

On February 9, 9 pm
At Hard Rock Cafe, Wadia International Center (Bombay Dyeing), Pandhurang Budhkar Marg, Worli.
Call 24382888
Cost Rs 500

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