Regular clients of sex workers want real love, affection

Jan 16, 2013, 04:58 IST | ANI

While it is commonly believed that men who pay for sex are attempting to avoid emotional commitment, a new study has found that men who become regular clients of sex workers often develop feelings of romance and love.

“In recent years, we have come to see a gradual normalization of independent escort prostitution, where sexual encounters have come to resemble quasi-dating relationships,” stated study author Christine Milrod.

Sex and relationships, Regular clients want real love from sex workers
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“Our study shows that regular clients of a particular sex provider often come to experience feelings of deep affection, which can progress into an authentic love story,” Milrod said.

In this new study, Milrod and co-author Ronald Weitzer analyzed 2,442 postings on an online discussion board from a sex provider review site where more than a million clients of sex workers read and post about their experiences.

Approximately one-third included a discussion about emotional intimacy between sex workers and their clients, many of whom expressed a desire to grow their relationships beyond the physical level in the form of sharing private feelings and mutual love.

“These relationships follow a conventionally romantic script that normalizes the liaison and destigmatizes both provider and client,” stated Milrod.

“The study shows that this kind of normalization may manifest itself in a merger of finances, families and finally monogamous partnerships – the provider is no longer just a supplier of the girlfriend experience, but a real-life romantic partner,” Milrod added.

The study is published in a recent edition of Men and Masculinities, a SAGE journal.

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