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Sep 25, 2014, 07:17 IST | The Guide Team

An exhibition of paintings called Dynamism of Racing by artist M Narayan is a showcase of the passion and power of brush on canvas

City-based artist M Narayan is out with his latest collection titled, Dynamism of Racing, featuring fast-paced horses. Narayan claims that he was inspired by colours, and nature as a child. And when he didn’t have a real canvas to turn his imagination into reality, he was painting in his mind, since his school days. His passion took him to study fine arts, during which he developed his own style and philosophy.


“While I was studying, I developed my own brush strokes and improved my way of looking at pictures. I h   ave organised an exhibition of fast-paced horses, with a wild ,exuberant colour palette,” says Narayan.

Artworks from the show Dynamism of Racing
Artworks from the show Dynamism of Racing

The artist has done 32 solo exhibitions all over the world. His works in water colour explores the zest for life and exhibit a rare lavishness of colour tones, their harmony and rhythm as well as tonal resonance in the relevant perspectives. When asked if he has any favourite subjects, Narayan replies: “My interests are ethnic Indian paintings and racehorses. I like paintings of rural scenery as well.”

Artist M Narayan
Artist M Narayan

Narayan incorporates two distinct visual arenas in his work: one elaborates on the life in remote areas of Karnataka, and the other narrates the world of polo.

On: September 28, 11 am to 10 pm 
At: Royal Western Turf Club House, Solapur Road.

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