Relationship: What leads to casual sex? Experts decode the reasons

Jul 21, 2016, 13:05 IST | mid-day online correspondent

Researchers have been exploring why men and women engage in casual sex or risky sexual behavior through studies. A look at the some findings...

It's a matter of trust
According to a recent study, men who use dating apps generally think that when they go on a date with women less attractive than what her profile picture shows, they are entitled to have casual sex with her to compensate for 'breach of trust'. Researchers found that men think they have a "licence to use women as they see fit". They also explored whether the choice of dating apps implies changes in dating experience. This could be liberating for men, but also made them feel vulnerable about how attractive and successful they were with women.

Casual sex
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Instability during lifestyle changes
Researchers at an American university have suggested a significant link between instability in the lives of college-goers and the likelihood that they would engage in risky or casual sex. As part of the study, 398 young adults, all under the legal drinking age of 21 were surveyed. In the study, risky sex included sex with uncommitted partners, unplanned or casual sex with friends or strangers and impulsive sexual behaviour. They concluded that In times of stress, young adults may exhaust the physical and emotional resources that buffer them from risky behaviours, lose their ability to think rationally, and engage in risky sexual behaviour.

Imbalanced gender ratios
An imbalanced gender ratio affects views about casual sex for both men and women in ways that people may not consciously realise, revealed researchers at an US university. More women than men on college campuses may contribute to a hook-up culture, engage in casual sex and are more aggressive towards other desirable women who are perceived as rivals. The study found that if there were more women than men, women stated they were more willing to engage in casual sex. while men tended to place less importance on casual sex and be more open to long-term commitment in the event where the female ratio was lesser.

Trysts while travelling
Women who prefer relaxing beach vacations are steady in their sex lives but those who opt for group tours and sightseeing trips generally look for casual sex with acquaintances or even strangers, reveals an interesting survey. High alcohol consumption was the primary facilitator of risky sex with strangers, the researchers found. Sexual experimentation and conquests were vacation "musts" for some women, providing erotic thrills, a sense of empowerment and bragging rights when they returned home.

Anonymity, along with opportunities for acting out sexual fantasies that were off-limits at home, perceptions of being free from negative judgment and fun seeking were women's primary motivating factors. However, some women said that risk in itself was a significant motivator.

Did you know?

Casual sex can guarantee better sperm count!
Want to improve your sperm quality? Try casual sex with a new partner once in a while and ramp up the sperm count, an interesting study has revealed.

Men produced higher quality ejaculates when exposed to novel, rather than familiar women, the researchers at an university in the United States have found.

For the study the team asked 21 men to provide semen samples while watching seven different explicit three-minute clips of a male and female having sex. The participants used the same private room to produce the semen with 48 to 72-hour breaks between each session.

The first six clips used the same male and female actor while the seventh clip used the same male actor but involved a different female. Apart from the quality of sperm produced, the length of time it took to ejaculate was also recorded.

The researchers found that the men produced healthier, higher volume sperm in a shorter amount of time when exposed to the seventh clip featuring a different looking female.

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