Relationships: 6 best ways to reach sexual nirvana

Feb 07, 2017, 11:40 IST | mid-day online correspondent

These steps may be of great help to those who are still looking for the ideal ways to reach sexual nirvana and have a successful climax

 Relationship: Top 6 ways to reach sexual nirvana
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The thought of regular sex varies from person to person. While for some regular sex is a fun and 'must-have' act, for others it is like a deal beyond imagination. Finally, there is another set of people, who do not consider regular sex as a mandate to a happy relationship. The cosy moments, the mild touches, the gentle bites, the smooch, the eye contact, the silence, the cuddles, and finally the sexual climax make a relationship healthy and strong. Some may be content with their sex life, while others may experience dissatisfaction. Those who are still looking for the ideal ways to reach sexual nirvana and have a successful climax, these six steps may be of great help to them. Take a look:

1. Take a shower together: Sex can happen anywhere in the house and a bed need not be the supporting agent every time. If possible, lock yourselves up in the bathroom and stand below the shower. Come out of the comfort zone and the cliched dark bedroom scenario. For a change, let the shower cubicle do the wonders. Try to grab each other tightly while you get drenched. Go ahead with those touches and kisses that you would have otherwise done in the bedroom. In case you get a chance to bath together in a bathtub, grab it right away.

 Relationship: Top 6 ways to reach sexual nirvana 

2. Engage in dirty talks: Initially you might hesitate to open up to your partners, but with time opening up to the opposite sex can bring a u-turn to your sexual life. It’s not only those silent acts and foreplay that can help attain sexual nirvana, but also dirty talks and naughty touches can lead to sexual proximity. Be it the man or woman; none should hesitate to utter some flirty speeches to attain sexual satisfaction.

3. Keep the sensual touches alive: No one can deny the fact that sensual touches can gradually lead to a heavenly climax. Arouse your partner with a body massage. Women respond well to sensual touches and therefore attain greater orgasm. They can even touch their man from top to bottom to arouse him and gradually move towards a successful end together.

 Relationship: Top 6 ways to reach sexual nirvana

4. Try different sex positions: If you get bored of one particular position, try different positions like crisscross, 69 and BDSM. Trying a new position for the first time may be a bit difficult, but gradually the experiments can definitely work out. Pay heed to your intuitions and crave for something new every day.

5. Wear appealing nightwear: Men love to see their women in revealing and appealing clothes. Thin-strapped night wears, lacy lingerie, satin gowns or short hot pants can raise the room temperature and arouse the man at the same time. Women can even go for the man’s favourite colour lingerie.

 Relationship: Top 6 ways to reach sexual nirvana

6. Smell good and let the room smell good too: Use floral. fruity or chocolate scented body mists to raise the mood of the man and vice-versa. Try to apply body lotions and face creams that have pleasant fruity aromas. Along with that, the room should also smell good and fresh. Use lavender or rose scented room fresheners to create a romantic environment and set the mood for sex. Women can also opt for a good vaginal wash to maintain hygiene and freshness.

 Relationship: Top 6 ways to reach sexual nirvana

Fasten your seat belts and be ready to turn lust into reality. Sexual nirvana not only brings happiness or fulfils one's physical lust, but also is the core ingredient to a happy and successful relationship. After all, a small act can bring a big blow!

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