Relationships: 4 reasons why women fake their orgasms

Jul 11, 2016, 12:40 IST | midday online correspondent

It's no secret that women can 'fake it' at will! The reasons are plentiful. Whether it is to avoid a bad sexual encounter or to just to please their man, we look at reasons why they decide to take this step...

'Bad sex' is a strict no for the ladies! When talking about troubling sexual encounters some women mention faking sexual pleasure to speed up their male partner's orgasm and ultimately end sex that they do not enjoy. According to recent studies, women described their experiences of unwanted sex in indirect ways. For example, women used the term 'bad' to describe sex that was both unwanted and unpleasurable. They spoke of faking orgasm as a means to ending these troubling sexual encounters. In other words, faking orgasm provided a solution for ending sex where, culturally, not many options are available.

Relationships: 4 reasons why women fake their orgasms

Keeping their man happy is a priority: A recently conducted study by a reputed American university discovered something interesting. The women, who were subjects of the study claimed they faked an orgasm, so as to not hurt their partner's feelings. 70 per cent admitted to doing so. Researchers questioned 281 male and female students about their sexual habits. The report claimed that the emphasis on men’s ability to give their partners “earth-shaking orgasms” sometimes lead both the sexes to pretend orgasm to meet these expectations.

Insecurities galore: Scientists at a US university have discovered another cruicial reason why women pretend to have a sexual climax in bed -- they are riddled with insecurities and have a fear of intimacy. While 60 percent of women claim to have faked ecstasy during intercourse or oral sex, researchers believe this has little to do with protecting their partner's sensitive feelings. Instead, according to a study, many women pretend to climax due to their own fear of intimacy; or because they feel insecure about how their bodies react during intercourse; or simply because they want it to end as soon as possible.

Some women just don't feel like it: In a recently conducted survey across US, UK and Australia, 26 pc women admit to faking orgasms every time they have sex. They admitted that they were also “not at all satisfied, because of the quality of sex”, with 27 percent admitting to “no sex life”.

Did you know? Men can fake orgasms too!
Recent studies have revealed that faking an orgasm is not something that women could do exclusively. An increasing number of have admitted to have acted out an orgasm during sexual activity. A recent survey found about 10 percent of men, who'd had sexual encounters but not intercourse had faked orgasms, compared with 28 percent of men and 67 percent of women who'd had penile-vaginal intercourse. Pretenders tended to be more sexually experienced, and were more likely to have had an orgasm at some point, either through masturbation or intercourse.

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