Relationships are boring: Kangna Ranaut

Mar 23, 2013, 06:26 IST | Kunal M Shah

A year of singledom and six back- to- back releases, that's what birthday girl Kangna Ranaut is looking forward to this year

Looks like working birthdays is a trend in Bollywood. Though Kangna Ranaut, who is turning 26 today, has a party planned for her friends in the night she will spend the rest of the day dubbing for her upcoming film with Sanjay Gupta. The actress feels that while she didn’t have a single release last year, 2013 will prove to be lucky for her.

Kangna Ranaut

Kangna says, “I have not had a single release last year but this year till my next birthday I will be having six films including Sanjay Gupta’s film, Sai Kabir’s next, Queens, my film with Sunny Deol and Hrithik Roshan’s superhero next.”

The actress feels that while several other Bollywood actresses today are replaceable, she has already created her niche in the industry. “I feel I’m in a very comfortable zone right now. It feels nice when I get so much respect contrary to the other actresses who can be swapped any time.”

Kangs gushes about when Rakesh Roshan told her he envisioned her alone for the action role in Hrithik’s next. In fact, Vikas Bahl too apparently told her he wouldn’t be making Queens if she didn’t green-light the project.

The actress wonders aloud, “Paisa to sab hi bana lete hai, respect kitne log banate hai? I enjoy that I am getting due credit for my films.” Ask her if this specific image could work against her bagging commercial projects, Kangs sets the record straight, “But these commercial films did not even work for me.

I tried doing them and even changed my hairstyle and other things to look like the next hot thing. But those films almost wiped me out of the industry. I think being on the other side is working for me. I want to do a certain kind of cinema that I can feel for.”

While the actress shows no signs of slowing down on her professional front, when it comes to her romantic relationships, she wants to take things easy. The actress, who reportedly split with her long-distance boyfriend last year, quips, “I do not wish to be in a relationship right now. I have always said that I cannot handle relationships and it tends to be boring.”

Kangs has apparently taken to French cooking and is learning how to make wines outside of work. However, her heart and soul are now set on her upcoming projects that include her directorial debut with an international film.  

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