10 common mistakes married couples make when it comes to sex

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A survey which included seven married couples from both the sexes, found out 10 common mistakes they frequently commit

Sex and relationships
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It is true that marriages are made in heaven, but like roses have thorns, marriages do have their ifs and buts. Controversies, fights, arguments and then again love, sex and pampering- the cycle goes on when you are married. Mistakes do happen when two people tie the nuptial knot and start living together. Why to waste time over fighting and finding who has committed the mistake. Is it the husband or wife? Rather, why can’t the matter be settled down with a warm hug, a gentle kiss and a humble smile? And when it comes to sex, it does wonders to a relationship. Sex acts as a stress buster and sort lots of problems erupting in a marriage. However, unfortunately, every couple makes a mistake when it comes to sexual relationship. They either remain introvert do not share what they want from each other, don’t give enough time to sexual acts or keep each other away from sex due to fights and misunderstandings.

An interraction with seven married couples revealed 10 common mistakes they make when it comes to sexual relationship:

1. Taking each other for granted is a major mistake a couple makes. They feel either of them is available for sex as and when required, and especially men have this mentality. Also, many couples, especially men feel that sex is not an integral part of their marital relationship. They make a mistake by either remaining casual or by trying to ignore the importance of sex.

2. Couples tend to extend their fight beyond a certain level. Rather than stretching it beyond the boundary walls, it is good to settle down the matter and cuddle each other in their arms and have a nice time on bed.

3. As couples tend to take each other for granted, they seem to be less sensitive to each other’s likes and dislikes. However, this might bring a U-turn in the relationship. So being more sensitive to the likes and dislikes of the partner is a smart act.

4. Jumping the gun and finishing sex in a hurry! Many couples don't indulge in foreplay and want to finish off everything within 5-10 minutes. Involving in foreplay is a crucial part of sexual life as it adds to the whole fun and excitement. It also make the clock run slow!

5. Many times both the partners do not seem to be satisfied in the sexual indulgence. In many cases one gets satisfied (orgasm) and just forgets about his or her partner. Also, many times they do not discuss about their sexual likes and dislikes as well as satisfying acts with each other.

Sex and relationships
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6. Couples seem to say ‘I love you’ to each other only during the sex and not too often or too randomly.

7. Couples not always seem to understand each other’s mood for sex. When one of them is not in mood, the other tends to ignore and move apart. They forget that things cannot work this way every time. Instead, one needs to arouse the other by foreplay or caressing, kissing or hugging, or simply by making some romantic talks. It should not be a forceful sex.

8. Many married women stop dressing up nicely after having kids. They forget to pamper themselves at the parlour, wear a great fragrance and carry an awesome smile. Keeping their ‘look good’ factor away might make the man loose attention and feel less attracted. This in turn can off course lead to a bad sex or no sex.

9. Men forget to praise their wives even during sex. Sex is not about a physical act or a routine task. It is also about sharing and caring, appreciating and complimenting.

10. The very common mistake is that during sex, couples do not do acts that excite each other; rather, they make it a silent affair. A random act like pinching or pulling cheeks can make the affair a more fun-filled one.

Sex and relationships
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Every night in bed is a special one. It is the time when couples can forget their day-long stress, forget the petty issues at workplace, forget the morning fight thay had with their partner and forget how bad the day was. Even a dark night can make your day the brightest one. Sex can strengthen mutual understanding. Sex can strengthen not only the physical bond, but also the emotional connect. Sex can make conjugal life a cherished and accomplished one. So dear couple friends, forget the past, stop making mistakes and make your sexual life a more happening and satisfying one.

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