Relax, have a cuppa at Navi Mumbai cafe Brewberrys

Feb 26, 2014, 09:24 IST | Sonali J Hudar

Brewberrys in Nerul is ideal value-for-money where the coffee, snacks, attentive staff and ambiance makes it the perfect pad to chill

Food: Generous
Service: Attentive
Ambiance: Chilled out

Cheerful, inviting and well-lit — these were the first impressions that caught our eye as we entered Brewberrys: The Coffee Bar. Choose from the plush sofas with low tables or sit at the regular cafe-style tables and chairs. The seating is spaced to afford each table a degree of privacy. A guitar is suspended on one wall, on another hangs a “Brew Board” where visitors can pen their comments; there’s a bookshelf as well. 

Representative pic of Cafe Latte

We visited this café early in the evening, and it was still nearly full. The crowd was mixed — a few foreigners, some working on their laptops, business folk and collegians. We took our attendant’s recommendations, and ordered a Cafe Latte (Rs 65), a Blue Mojito (Rs 75) and a Classic Mint (Rs 85). Since the in-house specialties are sandwiches and burgers; we ordered a Triple Layer Chicken Sandwich (Rs 120), a Classic Burger (Rs 65) and a Pizza Margarita (Rs 125).

A mixed crowd frequents the café . Pics/Sonali J Hudar

The coffee was steaming hot when it arrived, with a generous frothy layer. It had a strong taste and aroma though it was recommended as a light coffee, just like homemade filter kaapi.

The mojitos were chilled right. The Blue Mojito was flavourful with a mint-ey undertone and a tad sweet, but not overpowering. If you order the Classic Mint, you’ll want to finish your drink while it is still chilled and not linger over it. While chilled, it is a refreshing, mint-laced beverage with a hint of a sugar rush, but as the drink goes warmer, the flavours fade.

Brewberrys’ signage was catchy

The Margarita was hot; we had to wait for it to cool off a bit. Fresh, it included tomatoes, herbs, spice and mozzarella on a soft base. We liked that we could taste the toppings — neither the cheese nor the base took away from it while complementing it well.

Chocolate Fantasy

The Triple Layered Chicken Sandwich had chicken nuggets with many sauces between three layers of bread, all grilled together to form a bouquet of flavours. The Classic Burger had a chicken patty resting in a combination of mayonnaise, sauces and shredded vegetables, so the fused rather nicely.

Brewberrys’ dessert menu is sparse, and their Chocolate Fantasy was the average triple layered chocolate pastry, a bit heavy on cream. Yet, we were pleased especially when our bill was just Rs 600 — a filling meal for two, thanks to generous portions, all packed into a chilled out space.

At: 10-11, Dhara Complex, sector 44-A, Seawood West, Nerul (W).
Call: 9819517575

Brewberrys didn’t know we were there. The Guide reviews anonymously and pays for meals.

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