Relief not enough to repair houses, says Dombivli residents

May 28, 2016, 08:46 IST | Gaurav Sarkar

Dombivli residents are annoyed with the tehsildar's office for promising them 'insufficient' compensation and not telling them when it will reach their pockets

The residents of Mohan Darshan, one of the buildings that is close to the site of the MIDC multiple blasts in Dombivli, are unhappy with the compensation amount promised to them by the government. The relief amount offered to them after the blasts on Thursday, that killed 11, is around half of how much damage they have suffered, they claim.

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Glass shards in the passage of a house
Glass shards in the passage of a house

'Not enough'
Officials from the tehsildar's office came to the building to conduct a panchnama of the damages at around 11 pm on Thursday. But the residents allege that the officials did a superficial evaluation, promised them insufficient amounts to cover damages and didn't even tell them when they will receive the compensation.

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The chemical blasts have destroyed windows and doors of almost all houses in the vicinity. "Two of my flat's windows and bathroom doors were damaged along with their locks when the blasts occurred," said Mit Shah (20), a resident of the building.

"The officials first wrote R8,500 on their panchnama. After my father and I told them that it was not enough, they made it Rs 10,000. Though I don't think that is sufficient either to get the house repaired, which will cost us at least Rs 15,000."

Aavinash Paayal
Aavinash Paayal

Some of the residents claim the relief amount offered is one-fourth of the damages suffered. Another Mohan Darshan resident Jaya Singh (35) said, "The cost of repairing our flat will not be less than Rs 25,000, while we have been promised only R6,500. They should at least give us Rs 15,000. We are not that rich that we can redo our entire house without any financial assistance."

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Time matters
It is not just the amount that has raised the hackles of these residents; they have also not been told when the promised money will reach them. Megha Adhikari, who also lives in the building, said, "Who knows when we'll get the money, or how much of the amount promised will finally be given?"

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