Relief for students of dingy Dahisar school

May 15, 2012, 06:34 IST | Kranti Vibhute

After MiD DAY's report, zonal education inspector plans to cancel earlier order saying kids at Godavari High School, functioning despite the building being declared 'dangerous', should not be admitted by neighbouring institutions

Better sense seems to have prevailed. Education inspector of western zone P Pawar has decided to ask institutions in the vicinity of the rundown Godavari High School in Dahisar to admit its students if the kids express interest. MiD DAY had reported on May 12 (‘200 children forced to go to dilapidated school’) how parents were forced to send their children to the school as Pawar – after being approached by teachers from the institution, who were wary of losing their jobs if the establishment closed down – wrote to nearby schools, asking them not to admit students from Godavari without his permission. Concerned about their wards’ safety, parents met the education inspector yesterday. Pawar has assured them that by today, all schools in the vicinity would be ready to admit their kids.

Cracks on the wall: Dinesh Dave, chairman of Godavari High School in Dahisar, shows the cracks on the walls of the classrooms 

“Earlier we issued a letter asking schools not to give admission to students from Godavari High School. Now, we have issued a letter on an educational website, so it’s visible to all, that children from this school should be admitted by others if there are vacancies,” Pawar told MiD DAY. Mumbai Fire Brigade issued its notice to Godavari High School on October 4, 2011, stating that the school building was ‘dangerous’ and prompt action was needed to avoid a possible mishap and loss of human life. Later, BMC issued a show cause notice on Feb 25 to the management, asking why the structure should not be pulled down.

Pleased parents
Surekha More (26), parent of a third and a sixth standard student at Godavari High School, said, “We were made to stand outside the education inspector’s office from 11 am till 2 pm. But, when we met Pawar and discussed our problems with him, he immediately called one of the schools in Dahisar and requested them to take our children if there is any vacancy.”

Asha Bhosle (28), parent of three Godavari High School students said, “I hope soon after receiving the letter from the education inspector, other schools accept the admission pleas of our children as they cannot be kept in that dilapidated school building.” Neelam Dhende (33), who has three children studying at Godavari, said, “Soon after Pawar sir called one of the schools in Dahisar to accept our children’s admission requests, I immediately went there and secured the admissions today so they don’t forget the instructions given by the education inspector. I am so relieved.”

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