Remembering Mani Kaul

Jul 06, 2012, 09:03 IST | Dhara Vora

While 'experimental' might be a common word used by upcoming filmmakers to categorise their brand of filmmaking today, director Mani Kaul was already working on projects that defied convention back in the '70s.

Known for challenging the linear method of speech, space and time, Kaul produced several award-winning movies, including Siddheshwari and Uski Roti, and won the 1974 National Film Award (Best Direction) for Duvidha — a supernatural love story which was well ahead of its time. 

A still from Mani Kaul’s documentary, Siddheshwari

On the occasion of his Kaul’s first death anniversary, Films Division has organised a two-day film session where Uski Roti, Mati Manas and Duvidha will be screened. There will be followed by a session in which artistes will share their experiences of working with Kaul.

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